Maxxie: all in good time.Mature

"Cheers," Alex smiles as I hand him and Caleb beers. I knock on the bathroom door to offer Hadley one.

"I'll be out in a minute."

"I was just gonna ask if you wanted a beer," I say through the door, taking a mouthful from my own.

"Nah, I'm good, thanks."

"Mmm, ‘kay," I mumble, shuffling back over to the sofa, dumping Hadley's beer on the coffee table. Alex puts an arm around me, grinning, looking away from Caleb's fort. The ginger himself is inside, looking for something. Fuck knows what. I don't think I want to know.  

"Fight went well then?" I smile.

"Mhmm. Landed a professional contract while I was there, too," he lifts his beer bottle, "here's to not having to worry about dying every fight." I raise my bottle too and the clink together.

"Bet Pete's not too impressed with that."

"I don't give a shit," he laughs, "I never thought I'd be happy about going into professional fights, but it's kinda like a weight off my shoulders now I know I'm not going to die in the ring."

"Where the fuck are you?" Caleb's voice comes from inside the fort.

"What're you looking for?" Alex queries.

"It's a surprise." At that, Alex gives me a bemused look and I giggle slightly.

"D'you know what it is?" he asks me and I shake my head laughing.

"No. I dread to think what he keeps in there." We listen as he rummages around, still looking for... whatever it is...

"Hey! Someone ate my candy," he cries and I smile.

"Blame Bunny. I've not touched your little fort." I didn't dare. I didn't want to be attacked by an angry ginger. He emerges, grumbling.

"I'll look for it later." Alex laughs and takes his arm from around me, reaching forward and pulling Caleb down onto his lap.

"Poor bubba."

"It's you that's losing out, buddy. That thing I was looking for was for you." Alex shrugs and kisses him.

"It's okay. I can wait, I guess." Caleb kisses back, grinning and I look away, wondering what the fuck is taking Hadley so long in the bathroom. Seriously. What's he doing in there - having a wank or something? Alex and Caleb keep kissing, acting like they were separated for the whole week they were in Mexico.

"Bunnyyyyyy," I whine. He sort of shuffles out of the bathroom over to me and I frown a little. "You alright there?" Nodding, he smiles and I put my beer on the floor, sticking my arms up for a hug. He huggles me and I sit him on my lap, ignoring that I'm copying Alex and Caleb. He hums slightly and I hug him there, happy to not make out like the other two.

Caleb starts getting all whore-ish and I grimace a teeny bit.

"They better not be planning to stay here," I groan slightly.

"You want Caleb's mom to have to hear it instead?" Hadley laughs slightly.

"They can go back to that motel. I'll fucking pay for their room if I have to." I'm not having my living room turned into a sex nest for my ex and his boyfriend. He just giggles and I bury my head in his neck. He plays with my hair and I hum quietly, trying to ignore Caleb and Alex being whores right next to us. Finally, Caleb finishes being a whore and I turn my head slightly so I can see them again, but I don't lift it from Hadley's shoulder.

"C'mon, we're not that bad," Alex laughs slightly, "don't tell me you've gone all shy, Max." Okay, so it's true me and Alex used to be worse than that, but still. Caleb grins at me and I just shrug a little. He chuckles darkly and I brace myself for whatever's about to come out of his mouth.

"You weren't so shy that day at the motel."

"I'm sure I wasn't," I mumble. Alex frowns a little, a teeny flicker of concern in his eyes. I s'pose it would be a little bit worrying really. Usually, I'm as whorish as Caleb, but since John, I've been about as sexually driven as a rock. Nearly. And since I've not told him, I guess he just sees it as weird behaviour.

Hadley looks kinda curious but doesn't say anything about it.

"That blowjob I was s'posed to give him turned into a sex marathon," I mutter and Alex rolls his eyes, looking less concerned.

"Whoa." Why are you so shocked, Hadley? I was used to getting sex from your brother more than once a day, and suddenly found myself with nothing. What did you honestly expect?


"Sex marathons with him are fucking sweet, dude," Caleb tells Hadley and I roll my eyes. He had to, didn't he?

"I'm sure they are." I squeeze him slightly, earning a little smile from him.

"I'm amazed you haven't shown him that already, Max," Alex smirks.

"All in good time," I murmur. As soon as I regain the ability to keep it up that long. Caleb giggles, making Hadley blush. I lift my head and kiss him. He smiles, kissing back. I return the smile and put my head back on his shoulder, quite happy to just sit there like that with him as he plays with my hair.

It'd be nicer if it was just me and him, though.  



The End

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