Hadley: MoustacheMature

A couple days after it was time for Caleb and Alex to come... would it be home or back? I mean, it’s home for Caleb but for Alex...

I shook the thought from my head as Maxxie killed the car’s engine outside the airport. Originally I’d been planning on sleeping in for a change, giving myself some time to prepare for Caleb. But then I realised, as much as I hate him, I actually missed the guy. So I stuck to being my usual morning person self and decided to go to the airport with Maxxie.

We stood waiting for them in the airport and Maxxie zoned out after a while. If he’d gone by himself he’d no doubt have just sat in the car waiting but I wanted to actually meet them once they got off the plane. And eventually they appeared. I only noticed because a startlingly more tanned Caleb jump hugged me. The dork had a fake moustache on and I could just tell he had a sombrero somewhere. Maxxie jumped a little when Caleb appeared and Alex laughed. Wow, Caleb didn’t race ahead cause he knew I’d be here? What happened to him trying to molest me every five seconds?

"Get off, Gayleb" I said half heartedly, hugging back while Maxxie hugged Alex. The people around us must’ve thought we’d just been reunited with our boyfriends or something.

"I grew a moustache" Caleb said proudly and Alex smiled.

I prodded the small black moustache. "You know it's fake, right?"

Maxxie giggled and Caleb scowled.

"Yes I know it's fake. But you try growing a moustache when you're ginger" he said, kind of sulking.

Alex chuckled and put an arm round Caleb’s waist. "It's alright, Caleb. We love you anyways."

"Oh yeah? Define 'we'"

He gestured at himself, Maxxie and me. "But mostly me"

Caleb grinned and Alex kissed him.

"Eww, public display" I said, resisting the urge to scrunch up my nose a little.

Maxxie kissed me and I blushed a teeny bit before kissing back, earning a hum from him.

"So much for 'eww'" Caleb smirked.

Maxxie giggled and I blushed some more, burying my head in his neck. He huggled me and I hugged back, humming.

“Shall we go, then?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, hurry it up, lovebirds" Caleb’s always so polite, huh?

Maxxie took my hand and walked out with the other two. The second we reached the car, Caleb dragged me into the back with him. At least he had enough manners to let me sit behind Maxxie. Barely a few minutes into the drive back, Caleb reverted to his usual gropey self.

"Hands off my boyfriend" Maxxie scowled in the rear view.

Caleb hugged me and Maxxie rolled his eyes.

"But I missed my baby" Caleb said, licking my cheek.

Maxxie shook his head slightly and I kissed Caleb’s cheek. Just a harmless “you’re my best friend and I missed you” peck on the cheek but Maxxie scowled again. Caleb giggled and full on kissed me, kissing harder when we both knew Maxxie was trying to ignore it. Alex reached back, however, and sort of pushed Caleb off me.

Caleb groaned. "I was jut saying hi"

"That's what words were invented for"

"Words don't express how much I missed little Bunny" e kind of smirked and Alex laughed slightly.

"I think we can all tell how much you missed him"

"Then hush" he leant back over to kiss me again. Don’t I get a say in this?

Alex sort of glanced at Maxxie, rolling his eyes with a sigh. I scrunched up my nose as Caleb pressed his lips to mine again. Maxxie didn’t say anything. He stayed silent even when Caleb had finished molesting me. I kind of frowned but didn’t say anything. My frown deepened when he rolled down the window nd lit a cigarette. I leant forward, stole it and threw it out the window. Someone who isn’t my boyfriend can smoke it if they’re desperate.

"Hey!" Maxxie scowled again.

“I was serious when I said you should quit"

"Well like I said to Cayden, find me a way to quit that doesn't piss me off and I will"

Caleb coughed. "Sexual favours"

Maxxie laughed slightly. "What's he gonna do? Rub nicotine on his dick?"

I blushed. I would’ve blushed at that anyway but dude, my best friend and your best friend are in the car. I’d prefer it if my dick wasn’t part of the conversation.

Caleb shrugged. "Might work"

 "Sure." Maxxie chuckled and smiled when he saw me still blushing. "Sorry, Bunny. Am I allowed to have my smoke in peace now?"

"You don't need one" I said, almost sighing.

"I want one, though”

"I will seriously throw each one out the window"

He pouted.

"Pout all you want"

He sighed and Caleb laughed.

"You are so his mom"

"My mum wouldn't give a shit about me smoking" Maxxie muttered.

"There's a startling difference between moms and" he giggled a teeny bit and put on an English accent, "mums"

Maxxie rolled his eyes and Caleb pouted, crossing his arms.

"Dunno why you're pouting. I'm the one not allowed to smoke in my own car"

"I stated a simple fact and you go rolling your eyes at me"

Maxxie smirked a little. "I'm a much nicer person after a cigarette. Dunno if you've noticed that at all"

"So have a smoke then, doofus"

"It'll get thrown out the window"

Caleb grinned. "Not if I'm keeping mom occupied" Oh God.

Maxxie grunted and lit up another cigarette. I leant forward to steal it again but Caleb pulled me back down, full on molesting me again. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. He molested my mouth with his mouth and my waist with his hands a little bit. That’s full on molesting to me, though.

I could see Maxxie enjoying his smoke but I certainly wasn’t happy. He could’ve at least made it back to his place before having a smoke just to prove he can go without them.

Maxxie and Alex shared the cigarette and I pushed Caleb off, crossing my arms. I really wasn’t in the mood for him right now. Maxxie glanced in the mirror and sighed, making a detour to a drug store while Caleb laughed some more about me being his mom. Maxxie went off to get some nicotine patches and kind of sighed. I don’t know if Caleb or Alex noticed. Maxxie came back and stuck one of the patches on before driving back to the apartment. What was the first thing I did when we got there? Went and shut myself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet.

The End

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