Kate was shocked at Jake's sudden attack, but really, it didn't surprise me. I marched right after him, and found him kicking a wall round the corner.

"Look Jake..."

"Just leave me alone. I can't believe you left her like that. You are such a selfish conceited cow!"

"Why don't you tell me how you really feel?" I said sarcastically as I watched his face redden. "Look Jake, she broke up with me, and there have been so many ups and downs between us, it was just something I had to agree with. There is no way Annie and I will ever be a couple, like a proper couple, because I can't stop being a whore, and she can't stop being driven by sex. There's no way. We both need different things. I need to discover people and explore them, she needs someone who never gets bored of her. And that's exactly what happens every time I spend too much time in a relationship. I get to know them, and their bodies, and I get bored."

"You really are a whore."

"Thank you. And you're a bastard." He almost punched me, but instead drove his fist in to the side of his leg.

"Get out of here Rosalita. Don't even think of coming near her again."

"Fine. But I can promise you that sooner or later, she's going to want to see me. She's my best friend, even if things didn't work out between us, and whether you try to stop her or not, she's going to want to talk to me. I don't know whether she'll try and kill me, or whether she'll cry and try and get us back together, but she will see me. She needs people to lean on Jake, and you will not be enough for her."

"Just go back to your fellow whore." I slapped him.

"Kate is not a whore." I spat. "She's not involved in this. Ranette isn't either, so leave her alone too."

"I bet she's a real slut. What is she, your latest contest?"

"She's an old friend, not that it's any of your business."

"Well, I give you a day before you sleep with her, and then another day for you to move on. Or maybe you only need hours?" I shoved him and stalked off, running in to Kate round the corner. Apparently she had heard the whole thing.

"Hey, don't worry about it." I said before she could speak.


"For what?"

"Standing up for me."

"No problem. What are friends for right?"

"Right." She put her arm around my shoulders. "Now come on, we have to get rehearsing!" We ran off to the space.

The End

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