Hadley: Tree ClimbingMature

A hour or so after Maxxie woke up for the second time I noticed a jangling noise had been following me around all morning. I glanced around, wondering if it was something in the apartment that I’d never noticed before but there was nothing that could’ve been causing it. I shrugged it off and slipped into the bathroom to pee when I noticed it. The thin band of red around my neck. Man, did I seriously still have that on? Oh God, that means I had it on when we had sex. Did he know? Sweet Jesus, this is embarrassing. I sort of pulled it off and threw it in the basin, the need to pee having left my system.

By the time I stopped being embarrassed about the whole having sex with a collar on thing and actually left the bathroom, Maxxie was all set and ready to go the gym. And naturally, was dragging me along with him.


"Did I ever tell you I prefer trees to gyms?" I asked once we were inside the place.

He nodded.

"So why am I here exactly?"

"Because training on my own is boring and you love me" he grinned

I whined a teeny bit and he pecked me on the lips. I flashed him my best puppy dog eyes since I’ve never really seen the point in working out but he just giggled and went on a treadmill. I watched him and he smiled.

"Boring" I mouthed.

"You're welcome to work out any time you like"

."I'm happy with trees" I grinned and he rolled his eyes."Don't roll your eyes at me, princess" I smirked.

He scowled and pointed at another treadmill. "Get your ass over there

"Make me"  stuck my tongue out.

He reached over and prodded me. Oh well, I might as well humour him for five minutes.

 "Fiiine" I sighed and he grinned.

"You love me really"

I shot a glare his way, even though it was fake, and got on a treadmill. I barely took it above walking speed cause, well, you know how I like climbing trees? It’s cause I can’t run to save my life. I used to have really shitty balance as well til I started my tree climbing. I glanced over at Maxxie jogging and gave up my walking after about five or six minutes. Needless to say Maxxie rolled his eyes again.

“Shush, I'm not a runner"

"That's not the point" he laughed.

"What is the point then?" Or am I just one of those silly people who thought the point of running was to run?

"To raise your heart rate"

"I don't need a gym for that" I giggled.

Maxxie giggled too and I started watching him again, kind of bored. Like I said, I’ve never really seen the point in working out. I mean, you pay a stupid amount of money to use a machine to do excerise you should really be able to do for free using stuff around you.

Maxxie moved onto one of the weight machines. "If you're that bored, you can go wait in the cafe or something. Or climb a tree"

I hummed in agreement but didn’t go anywhere. He smiled slightly and I wandered around, poking at a couple of the machines. By the time I was done wandering and poking, Maxxie had switched machines a couple times. I went back over to watch him once he’d moved onto the weights bench.

"Having fun perving over me?" he asked, laughing slightly.

"Oh totally"

He grinned and dropped the weights back on the rack. "I need a shower" he said, sitting up and I smirked a little.

"I'm guessing I'm not invited to this one"

"You can come if you like, but I'm not sure anyone else would appreciate it so much" he giggled.

"I think I'll wait here"

He pecked me on the lips and wandered off to have a shower. I waited for him, poking a couple of the machines again and earning several weird looks for not actually using anything. Maxxie came back out and hugged me.

"So what now?"

I hummed. "I don't mind"

"Tree climbing?"

I grinned. "Sure" I am gonna wipe the floor with you, old man.


Since I was the only expert tree climber between the two of us, it was up to me to pick a tree. And boy, did I find a beauty not too far from the gym. It was a decent height, not tall enough that you’d die if you fell but tall enough to put you in a coma. I glanced up, checking out all the branches to make sure it was completely climbable before pulling myself up onto the first branch.

"Don't just stand there, princess. Pull your skirt up and get climbing"

"I wouldn't want to give anyone an unpleasant view" Maxxie said, but started climbing anyway.

I raced up the tree as if I’d climbed it a million times before, knowing exactly which branches to hoist myself up on without even looking. Maxxie wasn’t as slow as I thought so I perched on the branch I was on and grinned at him, flexing my little baby muscles. Maxxie chuckled and kissed me once he caught up, which didn’t take long. I kissed back and slipped down, hanging off the branch like a monkey. He laughed and I kind of had to resist the urge to frown.

"You shouldn't laugh, princess. If I fell from here it'd do some serious damage"

"Then dont swing from there"

I giggled. "But it's fun"

He sighed a teeny bit and I decided to play with him. I swung a tiny bit and let go of the branch, making it look like I’d fallen. Little did he know there was a branch just underneath me which I landed on with ease and sat down.

He looked down, no doubt expecting me to be splatted against the sidewalk. "Do that again and I'll kill you myself" he said, looking like he’d just had a heart attack.

I giggled and he scowled at me. I grinned at him innocently and leant back on the tree trunk.

"I don't like you anymore" he huffed.

"Sure you don't"

He sulked and I dicked about on the branch, not trying anything too daring since it was a new tree and all. Apparently Maxxie got bored just sitting and hung down off the branch above me.

"Told you it's fun" I said.


"You don't sound that enthusiastic"

He prodded me gently with his toe.


He prodded me again.


"Nothing" he grinned.

I pulled a sulky frown as he did some pull ups and dropped down, missing the branch I was on since it was a little bit further forward than the one he’d been on. Luckily there was a branch directly underneath it a little bit lower down than the one I was perched on.

"You can't just sit here, can you?" I asked with a hint of a sigh.

He pulled himself up onto my branch and smiled.

"Now, sit and just enjoy it"

He sat and I smiled, shutting my eyes. I could happily sit there for hours. One of the things I liked most about climbing trees is the fact that up in the treetop you’re kind of in your own little world. Nothing happening on the sidewalk matters, it’s just you and the tree. I heard Maxxie move. Could he seriously not just sit there for more than two seconds? But then I felt him lean back on me and pull my arms around him. I hummed slightly but didn’t say anything, enjoying the quiet in the tree as Maxxie stayed silent as well.

The End

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