Maxxie: weirdness is a givenMature

I wake up to the sound of a bell jangling somewhere very nearby. It's not jangling loudly, just a little teeny bit. Enough to wake me up.

After a moment I figure out what it is - the bell on Hadley's collar. Never took that off last night. Heh.

When I open my eyes, I see he's already awake, and I smile.

"Morning," he says, pecking me on the lips. I kiss back, snuggling back up to him, smiling more as he hums. I kiss his chest, laughing slightly as he giggles. It sounds funny when I'm pressed up against his chest like this.

"Whaat?" I glance up to see him blushing.

"If you blush any more, you're head's gonna explode," I giggle, kissing him. I've honestly never seen someone blush so much before in my life. He kisses back.

"You need to stop giving me reason to blush then."

"What, so never touch you again, pretty much?"

"I'm not that bad, am I?" I sort of shake my head and kiss him again.

"No," I almost hum the word against his skin.

"Good," he chuckles.



"You're not gonna make me get up, are you?" I moan. I'm really very comfy right where I am. He rolls his eyes. "It's my day off today and everything. I don't even have to move."

"This just feels lazy," he pouts. I just hum happily and nod. Of course it's lazy. It's good to be lazy sometimes.

"I don't like being lazy," he mumbles.

"I'll get up eventually. I need to go to the gym at some point today. But apart from that, I intend to do very little." He tuts at me, smiling. "You can come to the gym with me if you like. That'll wear you out more than I ever could," I giggle. Honestly. I'm so childish. He just blushes. Again. I smile at him and close my eyes, my heart set on going back to sleep for a few more hours. My smile widens as Hadley cuddles up to me. I hug him, though I can feel him sort of fidgeting a little. Biting back a sigh, I peck him on the lips. "You can go do something other than lay here if you want."

Kissing me, he slips out of my arms and gets up. I hear him clattering stuff around in the kitchen as I doze off again, sort of feeling a bit cold on my own.


When I finally wake up again, I sort of stumble out of bed, still butt naked and wander into the bathroom, my eyes half closed.

I still manage to notice that the apartment is looking stupidly clean. After I shower, I wrap a towel around my waist and wander back out, having a proper look at what's happened to my apartment while I was asleep.

"Wow," I mutter, standing sort of near the sofa, where Hadley is sat watching TV, "I never usually clean unless I can't see the floor."

"Good thing I'm here now then, eh?"

"Thanks," I smile, leaning over the back of the sofa to kiss him on the cheek.

"Don't think I'm cleaning up after you forever, though," he tells me as I go back into my room to get dressed.

"I won't," I promise, walking back out and into the kitchen. I catch him smiling as I look around for something to eat. In the end I just  make toast. Call me lazy but I can't be bothered with anything else.

"Try not to make a mess, dude," Hadley says, glancing back at me as I lean against the counter and eat. I just giggle.I thought it was me who was OCD about the cleaning? "What?"

"Nu'ing," I mumble through a mouthful. He frowns a teeny bit.


"I'm not used to people telling me not to make a mess in my kitchen. It's funny."

"You have a strange sense of humour," he tells me with an arched eyebrow.

"I can't help it. I'm British. Weirdness is a given," I grin. 


The End

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