Hadley: JizzMature


Once we got back I tipped out my winnings. “Excellent haul”

Maxxie laughed and tipped his out on top of my pretty impressive pile. “You can keep that”

I shook my head. “Part of it’s Cayden’s”


He wasn’t really paying that much attention since he was too busy getting the hell out of his princess dress. I picked up a bright orange lollipop that was probably swimming with heroin and rohypnol and God knows what else but I shoved it in my mouth anyway, flicking the bell on my collar. Maxxie appeared in just his boxers and hugged me from behind.

“Can I help you?” I asked, still sucking on the lolly.


“And how would that be exactly?”

“By giving me my real medal”

I chuckled. “Go on then, hurry up and get it over with”

He pouted. “I can wait til later if you’d rather sit and eat sweets all night”

I pouted right back at him. “It’s just one lollipop”

He hummed and kissed my neck. I giggled and quickly finished my no doubt drug-infested lolly.

“Happy now?”

He shuffled us into the bedroom. “Mmm”

I wrapped my arms around his waist as he kissed me, moving back so I was sitting on the bed. I unhooked my arms and wrapped my legs around his waist instead. He tugged at my t-shirt and I grinned but didn’t let him pull it off. He pouted and I giggled.

“Bad kitty cat” he pushed me down onto the bed and kissed me.

“I thought princesses were s’posed to have manners”

“Told you the other outfit would’ve suited me better” he winked.

I giggled. “Say please”

“Please” he said, pulling out the puppy dog eyes.

I pulled off my t-shirt with the speed ofa snail, more than aware of the fact that he was trying to be patient.

He kissed me hard, grinding his hips into mine. I bit back a moan and he knelt over me, shuffling the both of us further up the bed. He kissed and nipped at my neck, no doubt giving me a hickey. I was still managing not to moan as I threaded my fingers through his hair. He nibbled my ear lobe and palmed me through my jeans. I bit down on my lip to keep from moaning and grinded my hips up into his. He didn’t bother holding back his moan and I giggled. He cut me off with another hard kiss and I kissed back even harder. He slipped his hand into my boxers and I pulled on his hair a little. He smiled and pulled down my jeans, along with my boxers, and kissed pretty much everything apart from my dick.

Princesses aren’t s’posed to be mean either, bitch.

I was still just about managing not to moan til the bastard deliberately brushed against my crotch as he reached for a rubber. Whoa, was he actually listening to Cayden? Dude, we’ve fucked like three times without using a condom.

I blushed when I realised I’d moaned, instantly feeling nothing but embarrassment. Maxxie smiled, however, and wetted a finger, stretching me a little as he rolled on the condom. I kissed him and shifted impatiently, moaning slightly again as he slid into me. I shivered slightly, still not entirely used to all this. I bit my lip and nodded for Maxxie to go on, wrapping my legs around his waist again. He set up a steady rhythm, a little faster than the times we’d done it before. I started bucking my hips to meet each thrust, smiling at the moans it elicited. I moaned, and blushed, when he hit that spot that sent pleasure racing through me. I locked his hips in place with my legs to make sure he kept hitting it, trying not to moan each time.

“Maxxie… I…” I gasped out but he seemed to get the message, wrapping a hand around my dick.

I shivered slightly as he moved his hand and pulled him down for a kiss. It was all too much for my brain to handle. White flashed before my eyes and the kiss got kind of sloppy as I felt something warm and wet on my stomach. Maxxie’s thrusts slowed and lost rhythm as he neared the edge. I sucked at the skin on his neck, forcing even more moans out of him. With a shudder, he came, pulling out and disposing of the condom somewhere. Probably on the floor for now. I snatched my boxers up off the floor and wiped my stomach. I don’t know about you but I don’t like being covered in jizz.

The two of us shuffled under the comforter and snuggled, kind of trying to stay awake. I pressed my forehead to his collarbone and kissed his chest before moving up to kiss his lips. I felt his arms slip round my waist and smiled.

“I love my Bunny” he said and I blushed slightly.

“I love my Cinderella” I smirked a little and pecked him on the lips before burying my head in his neck and starting to fall asleep.


The End

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