Hadley: Trick Or TreatingMature

I was still snug in Maxxie’s arms when I woke up. I yawned, trying to remember what it was I’d been planning to do later. The sleeping Maxxie next to me wasn’t exactly helping. I glanced at the stereo to check the time and I remembered what it was. I prodded him gently.


He moaned and woke up.

“C’mon, dude, time to get ready”

“Did I ever mention I don’t like drag?” he asked, getting up.

“You may have”

He chuckled and went off to get dressed. It took me about five minutes to get ready. Well, kind of. I put on a pair of black jeans, a nicer t-shirt and sorted out my cat ears after fluffing up my hair a bit.

“Hadley, come and make me pretty”

“You already are pretty” I said, trying to work out where exactly to draw my whiskers and whether it was worth doing a nose.

He giggled. “You have seen me, right?”

“I have, unfortunately” I tried not to laugh.

“I’m offended”

I giggled. “What’re ya gonna do about it, Cinderella?”

“Attack you with my frills”

I pulled a fake horrified face. “Anything but the frills”

He giggled and pecked me on the lips before looking in the mirror. “I deserve a fucking medal for this”


I wasn’t really paying all that much attention. My tongue was poking out of my mouth slightly in concentration and I was trying to draw my whiskers on. I figured I might as well do a nose too.

“Want some help there?”

“I think I got it…” I said and frowned a little when one of the whiskers went a tiny bit wrong.

He chuckled and waited for me, passing me my collar when I started looking around for it.

For some reason I found myself blushing slightly. “Thanks”

He smiled and I put it on.

“Well?” I asked, turning round.

He grinned. “Very sexy” he giggled.

I blushed at the idea of being sexy. “Damn, I was going for cute”

He smiled. “And to me, cute is sexy. So you’re fine” he laughed slightly.

I smiled and pecked him on the lips. “You look… It’s different” I giggled.

He rolled his eyes. “Like I said, I deserve a medal for this”

“You love it really”


“Fine, what would be an acceptable medal for your efforts?”

“I think you can guess” he smirked and I giggled.

“Nope, haven’t got a clue”

He kissed me and I kissed back, giggling. “There you go, one medal”

He rolled his eyes again. “I’ll claim my other medal later” he winked. “Shall we go?”


He took my hand and I smiled as he led me outside.


To say Maxxie got a few weird looks would be an understatement. My cat costume apparently made me look younger than I was since at pretty much every house I got a smile and “Aren’t you high schoolers a little old to be trick or treating?” I still got candy so I was happy. Even if they didn’t give me any candy it’d be worth it just to see Maxxie walking around in that dress. He scowled at me every time I giggled at him.

About halfway through the night I started getting hungry. What’s the number one trick or treater’s rule in my family? Never eat your own candy. With a grin I stole something from Maxxie. And again… Okay, I stole quite a bit from him but it’s his own fault for letting me. Me and Cayden used to employ that rule and guard out candy like we’d die without it. The proudest moment of my life was when I stole a chocolate coin from him without him realising.

I was kind of sleepy as we headed back and to try and wake myself up I started making cat noises. Maxxie just laughed at it and I blushed slightly, thankful for the eyeliner covering some of it.

The End

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