Jake: Won't even moveMature

Annie lay still. She wouldn't even talk with the doctor's. She just layed silent staring out into space. God, what has happened to her. Its like she's completely shut down. I pace around going up and caressing her cheek then pacing again.

Lilianna is being looked after social services and apparantly they've found Annie's mother. There was a reaction when they mentioned her something bad must of happened. What I'll never know.

"Oh I can't just stand here" I mutter then walk out of the hospital. But I just end up walking random streets getting lost. I sigh heavily and retrace my steps.

Suddenly I'm looking down the road just staring. Rosalita walks with that friend of her's laughing. How can she? She's not even checked up on Annie. Something within me snaps and I march up to Rosalita. "You seem well" I say to her. She turns round and looks at me.

Her smiles falls from her face. "I am well... How's Annie?" She asks. Her friend... Kate... beside her looks nervous. She's fidgeting and looking round.

"If you want the doctor's opinion she's functioning fine and they have a cure to fix her eyesight. Want Annies opining? Sorry, I can't give you one cause she's a living ghost" I turn on my heels and march off leaving her gawking behind.

The End

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