Maxxie: crossdressing.Mature

I knew I shouldn't have let Cayden leave the hospital. With a sigh, I help Cayden out of the car and between me and Hadley, we manage to get him back up to his room. Of course a nurse noticed he was gone and sets about berating the lot of us for letting him leave. Hadley mumbles something about it having been an emergency, but she doesn't leave until Cayden puts on the charm and persuades her to go.

"I never got your candy," I mutter with a small smile. Kinda easy to forget about getting candy when he just did something so amazingly selfless like that. It can't have been easy - I know he still misses me.

"You'll just have to get it for me later. I charge interest, y'know?"

"I think I can handle that."

"Good. I like sugary stuff by the way."

"Yeah, well tell me what to get before I go and I'll bring it round tomorrow," I smile.

"Anything with sugar on it. And anything strawberry." I nod, making a mental note of it. He glances around and giggles, "Don't let the white coats find out."

"I won't," I promise, "I'll be extra sneaky."

"You, sneaky?"

"I can try," I laugh slightly.

"S'what I like to hear. Now, since no one else has said it I guess it's my job: hurt Hadley and I'll kill you. And for God's sake, use a condom." I blush and whine. "Whine all you want, you're using a condom."

"Never bothered you," I pout.

"That's ‘cause I'm a whore," he chuckles and I roll my eyes. You're not always a whore, Cay. "You know it's true."

"Not entirely."

"Oh yeah?" You know what I mean, idiot.

"If I remember right, you were convinced you'd take less than a week to whore off with someone else, but you didn't."

"I guess." I sigh and shuffle over to hug him. He hugs back, "Seriously, though. Condom." I nod.

"I promise." He hums and I kiss him on the forehead, shuffling back over to Hadley. He smiles at us and I can't help still feeling bad knowing that he misses me. I smile back though, trying not to let the guilt I feel show. Hadley takes my hand and I squeeze it slightly. He smiles, apparently at nothing in particular. I'm quiet, torn between hugging Cay again and hugging Hadley.

"You two look so awkward right now," Cay comments and I blush a little.

"Would you rather we got all huggy and mushy, then?"

"Nope, you can save that for the bedroom," he says with this kind of grin. I feel my cheeks heat up more and I'm not sure why. "Go on, get outta here before you get all gross and mushy." I hold back a sigh and move forwards to hug him again.

"Thank you," I mumble in his ear.

"No problem," he replies, kissing my cheek.


On the way back to my apartment, Hadley apologises, saying he'd been stupid and that he loves me. I pull up in the parking lot and lean over, kissing him. He kisses back and I smile, eventually pulling back so I can get out of the car. He waits a second before getting out too and I feel an irrational pang of worry. Why'd he wait?

"You alright there?" he nods and as we walk inside, I take his hand smiling as he squeezes it.

When we get up to my apartment, I wander over to the sofa and settle down on it, putting an arm around Hadley as he cuddles up to me. He hums.

"Sorry... y'know, for being stupid like that." I hug him a little closer and kiss him.

"It's okay. I understand why you did it."

He kisses back, "I love you."

"I love you too," I murmur, smiling and resting my head on his as he cuddles up to me even more. He hums again and my smile widens a little. "I don't wanna go to work tonight," I say after a while.

"Call in sick."

"Mmm," I hum. I make no effort to move, though.

"I wanna go trick or treating."

"Don't you need costumes for that n stuff?" I ask, wondering how much effort trick or treating is gonna be. Call me deprived, but it's never really been something I've done.

"Oh yeah..."

"Maybe we should go get them then," I chuckle.

"You should go as a Disney princess," he giggles and I pull a fake offended face.

"Why do people keep thinking I should wear a dress?" First Cayden and now Hadley? This can't be fair.

"Cause you'd make a great crossdresser." I huff, pulling a stroppy face this time. He giggles again and I grin evilly.

"I'll wear a dress if you do."

"Nuh uh, I've got my heart set on being a cat this year"

"You can have cat ears. But I'm not wearing a dress on my own." He pouts and I kiss him. Giggling, he kisses back.

"If I'm being a cat I need a collar and eyeliner too, y'know."

"And I'm guessing you're gonna make me wear girly makeup?" I laugh. If I'm being forced into a dress, I may as well look pretty while I'm at it.

"It's optional."

"C'mon then," I smile, "let's go find something to wear for later."


The End

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