I was sitting in a bar when Rosalita called to tell me to pick Annie up and take her to the hospital. I was confused and almost happy that I would get to see Annie again. But what had happened? Why was Rosalita having to call me?

I instantly knew why when I went into the house. I found Lilianna playing with a teddy bear in her carrier next the the bathroom door in the main bedroom. Then in the bathroom I found Annie curled up on the floor. She had been crying but now her whole body looked dead. Her eyes more lost than they should be even without her sight. The only way I knew she was alive was the gentle rise of her chest.

"Oh god, Annie" I whisper pain taking over me. Forgetting that she had left me when we had been engaged for her ex I ran over and pulled her into my lap. She didn't speak didn't move. It was like her body was an empty shell. I felt like crying out. What had happened to make her so sad? Why had Rosalita left her like this?

Wait... had they split up. It obviously wasn't Rosalita who split with her otherwise Annie would be cryin. Oh god she split up with her and its damaged her this badly. I shake my head and pick her up. She's light so I can easily carry her to the car aswell as Lilianna's carrier.

I drive to the hospital in silence and Annie remains curled in her seat the whole way. When I get to the hospital the doctors take her in on a stretcher to the room and I follow silently with Lilianna. She begins to cry and I shush her. Remembering I forgot her bottle and everything.

I ask a nurse and she gets some stuff together for me helping. I thank her and sit with Lilianna in the room Annie has been put. She doesn't move or speek. Eventually she falls asleep I think.

The End

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