Rosalita:Ranette and AnnieMature

I paused. Perhaps I had heard her wrong over the music. I looked at her. She was still grinning, but it was dropping quickly.

"Did, did you just...flirt with me?"

"Was that too far?" She bit her lip. I remember that look bu I still had to ask.

"No, no. I just wondered...were you being serious?"

"I'm living on my own and I've recently broken up with my boyfriend, of course I was being serious."

I bite my lip. Ok, so she was serious. "Well, it's just, I'm trying the whole monogamy thing with Annie, and that would sort of ruin it all, you know?"

"Yeah, don't worry about it." She smiled, but I could tell she was upset.

"It's not that you aren't attractive or anything Nett, you are totally gorgeous...but if I have sex with someone, I would have to break up with Annie...and I'm just so confused at the moment."

"Seriously it's ok. I'll just pick up someone else..." She looks around at the crowd. I suddenly felt a twinge in my stomach. Jealousy? How strange...after I've just turned her down.

"Hey, this is our evening still." I grabbed her attention back and began to sway to the music again. I could feel how close we were, and after her declaration, it was beginning to get to me. Looks like the old me was still in there somewhere. Ranette turned round and we danced with me pressed in to her back. I started to feel warm, without the help of the surrounding bodies to help. She was rubbing against me and it was turning me on. I gave up and gestured towards the sofas. She followed me. We sat and talked, having drink after drink for several more hours.

"We ought to get going." I whispered in to her ear as it reached midnight.

"Yeah." She stood up and leant over me to get her bag. I felt that warmth again. I had to get out of here before I accepted her offer. We walked outside and she flagged down a taxi. We got in, and I gave him the directions to my house, which was closest. We sat in silence until we reached her house.

"Well good night." She grinned and hugged me. "See you tomorrow beautiful."

I felt her hair tickle me as she pulled back. I reached down and kissed her lips gently.

"Good night gorgeous." I whispered. She blushed.

"Maybe I could come in?"

"Ok." I'd completely forgotten Annie would be there, my head was swimming so much.

We're laughing when we enter the house, but I see Annie rocking on the chair and stop. "Annie!" Everything after that was a blur, finding Lilianna, talking to Annie. But the things that stood out were Annie's last  words.

"Because its true. I... I can't help Lilianna cause I can't find her. I can't even be with someone without getting bored to force them into sex. Not even you" I whisper. "I can't do it" She runs in to the bathroom. She just broke up with  me. Oh god. This is my fault for getting turned on by Ranette. She was looking at me shocked, and I grimaced, then ran to the bathroom. I stood outside because she wouldn't let me in.

"Annie...I'm going to call Jake to look after you until your eyesight is better. I'm going to call Jake. And I'm going to live somewhere else. It's best for you."

 I sank in to a chair. Jake was coming over soon. He sounded slightly gleeful over the whole situation.

"Hon, you have to get out of here." Ranette was holding me.

I packed. Everything was a daze.

I ended up at Ranette's, sitting on her sofa. She held me as I cried in shock, but then I straightened up an dwiped away the tears. "I'm not even crying over her. Isn't that strange? I know that we weren't going to last." She hugged me and kissed my forehead.

"It's ok Rosa, you can be upset."

"But I'm not. It's best for Annie and I. We just lead each  other round, break up, have sex, break's just a circle. She deserves someone else, and I deserve to not be pulled around and dumped all the time."

The End

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