Annie: FrightenedMature

Oh why did she have to pick tonight to go out? Lilianna's cries echo throughout the house and I can't move and find her. I tried several times but I kept getting further away. So in the end I sat down and began rocking back and forth. I can't even help my own baby, what kind of mother am I?

I can't even allow my girlfriend to go through the whole dating thing without getting bored. Maybe it was my fault she cheated on my a lot. I begin to cry again and bury my face in my knees. Suddenly the door opens and I hear laughing. But almost as soon as its started to fill the house.

"Annie!" Rosalita's voice shocks me and I jump but continue rocking. "Annie!" I hear Lilianna's cry waver and know Rosalita's picked her up. "Nett, help me find Annie"

"Sure" I hear a female voice say. Oh so thats who she went with. She seems nice by her voice. I hear a door creak and the girl, Nett, voice rings out. "I've found her!" She yells.

"Oh, Annie. Nett take Lilianna" Suddenly arms fold around me. "Annie, what happened why are you shaking?"

"I couldn't find her. I can't help anyone. I'm a piece of shit. I've broken everyones hearts who I've been with. Always doubt... always...." I begin to sob again the cries racketing my body. It shakes me up so bad Rosalita almost can't keep hold of me.

"Oh god, Annie. Why are you saying such things?" Rosalita whispers and wipes away my tears holding my face gently.

"Because its true. I... I can't help Lilianna cause I can't find her. I can't even be with someone without getting bored to force them into sex. Not even you" I whisper. "I can't do it" I stumble to my feet and move across the room quickly into the bathroom.

As soon as the door close I realise what I meant by I can't do it. I just dumped Rosalita.... Oh god. I begin to sob again sliding down the door to the floor.

The End

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