Ranette: breakMature

The club is packed. When we get there, we fight our way over to the bar and I buy us both a couple of drinks, grinning at how close we're being pushed together by the crowds. I'll admit it. Rosa's always had me... curious, ever since college. We roomed together and, if I had a time machine, I'd go back and find out just why girls like girls sooner.

Laughing, Rosa grabs my hand and drags me through to the dance floor, "Let's see if you still dance like a nutter, Nett." Dance like a nutter? I dance like a fucking sex goddess, thank you. With a grin, I start dancing, showing her exactly how dancing should be done. Sort of.

"So what happened with you and the boyfriend?" she shouts over the music.

"He got boring and I got drunk and fucked a girl. Best night of my life," I giggle.

"Wow, seriously? Not about the best night obviously, girls are amazing. But you just went and fucked a girl? You sound like me," she giggles too and I flash her a wicked grin.

"I blame you entirely, my dear old roommate." Let's just say I picked up a lot from her about how to persuade girls into bed.

"Hey, I never did anything to you. Just nearly every other girl on the campus. And it's not like I even brought them back when you were there. And you used to give me lots of trouble, always telling the boys who asked about me that I was single." I roll my eyes and smile.

"I still blame you."

"Oh yeah, cos you're never to blame!" she starts tickling me. I laugh, begging her to stop.

"On your knees!" Rosa jokes, "Beg for your release." Still giggling I drop to my knees and wrap my arms around her legs, pleading with her. She stops and pulls me up, putting her hands on my waist, "I've missed you Ranette, you always know how to make me feel good."

"It's been too long," I smile, pecking her on the cheek.

"Yeah it has." She hugs me and I put my arms around her firmly before she sort of pulls back a bit to look at me. And then she pecks me on the cheek, too. I hum and move my arms up around her neck. Her hands snake down to my hips and I start dancing again, slower this time, more focussed on how the two of us move together.

"So have you got a girlfriend at the moment? Or your eye on someone?" she asks, stumbling into me a little as someone pushes past. I steady her and smile.

"Not really. I did only get here a month ago. What about you and Annie? How's that working out?"

"Um, ok I guess. I mean, we've fallen out more times than I can remember, we seem to revolve around sex, and Annie's baby. We only just got back together, but I really don't know. I'm sort of having doubts I guess."

"That sucks, babe," I give her a sympathetic smile, "you know where I am if you need a break, though."

"And what sort of break would you be suggesting?" she questions with a cheeky grin.

"I meant the platonic kind," I giggle, leaning in to whisper in her ear, "but I'm more than willing to give you a different kind of break."


The End

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