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He hums, "You're gonna convince me you're not real in a minute." I turn my head slightly so I can speak.

"Sorry," I mumble, trying not to sniffle, but it's hard. I think if I stay here much longer like this, I'm going to end up missing him, too.

"Don't be." Cue the sniffle. A frown creases his brow slightly.

"What's up?"

"Nothing," I mutter.

"You can tell me."

"I'm being stupid," I sigh, "John turned up at work while I was on my break and told me how Hadley's gonna get bored of me before long. And then when I went back in, he was flirting with this girl. I know it didn't mean anything, and John was just trying to upset me, but it just got to me."

"As far as I know you're the first person Hadley's ever been into. It'll take a lot for him to get bored of you," he smiles and I try to smile back, but I can't even get a twitch out of my lips. How can he know Hadley won't get bored of me? He might want someone that's more willing to perform than me.

"So why'd I wake up alone this morning?" he frowns again.

"He's probably just hiding somewhere. He used to do that when he was small if something got to him. The kid's like an emotional sponge and the fact that it got to you means it's probably bothering him too." Oh good, so I can feel guilty about that too, then?

"Yeah... It's just not so comforting after last night is all. Sorry, I'm just being stupid. Ignore me," I mumble.

"He's probably still in your apartment somewhere. He can be seriously tiny when he wants to be. But when you do find him... give him a hug from me, ‘kay?" I just nod, earning a smile from him. I'm quiet for a while, trying to think of something to say.

"Your shoulder's comfier than it used to be," I mutter with a small smile, trying to make the awkward silence go away.

"Yay," he says sarcastically.

"Keep it up and there won't be room for both of us on the bed soon," I giggle.

"Cheeky fucker," he laughs as I hum slightly, attempting to keep my smile on my face. "They're wasting their time. I'd have to eat for three to keep any of this on," he prods his stomach.

"That's okay. I was worrying I'd have to stop calling you Skeleboy." He fakes a frown at me and I reach up, smoothing a thumb across his forehead before putting my head back down on his shoulder. He leans his head on mine and gives another sigh. We're both quiet for a while, before eventually cay breaks the silence.

"I meant what I said."

"About what?"

"That I miss you." I don't say anything for a minute, wondering what to say.

"I miss you too, y'know," I finally mutter.

"Shame you're with Hadley." I laugh a little at that. Well what can I say to it, really? That I agree?  I just sigh.


"You've got nothing to be sorry for."

"I guess. I just feel like I'm responsible for this whole mess..." I trail off, stopping myself from going on another rant about it all.

"Stop talking like that," he says kind of harshly and I blink, surprised by his tone. I resist the urge to apologise for what feels like the millionth time as he frowns slightly. I sigh and drop my gaze to the pillows behind him, avoiding his irritable one. He doesn't say anything and I begin to feel a little uncomfortable.

"I should probably go," I say quietly after a moment, "sorry I bugged you." I move away from him a little and he sighs.

"You didn't bug me. It was nice to see you."

"I've pissed you off," I shrug and clamber out of the bed.

"This place pisses me off."

"Well maybe you'll be allowed to get out and do stuff soon."

"Yeah, maybe."

"Yeah... I'll see you soon. Tomorrow maybe." I hear an "mmm" as I walk out of the room, my hands shoved in my pockets, my eyes fixed on the floor. I think I might have been better off lying in bed and waiting for Hadley to come back from wherever he's hiding. But no, instead I went and whined at Cayden and pissed him off. Well done, me. Smooth as ever. 


The End

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