Maxxie: prove itMature

I'll admit that when I woke up on my own, I freaked a bit. It's been bad enough that he apparently couldn't say he loved me back last night, but to actually have been abandoned in my sleep was... not nice, to say the least. Not to mention that I actually have no idea where he might have gone.

I lay there and listen out for him in the apartment, but there's nothing.

It'd be so much easier to think of places Hadley would go if he knew this area better. I guess the iHop or a cafe maybe. I doubt he'd be at the hospital.

Still, it's worth a shot. I get up and throw on some clothes, quickly brush my teeth, grab my wallet and leave.

I drive around for a while, but I don't see him at any of the cafés or restaurants. Chewing on my lip, I head for the hospital, doing my best not to worry.


When I walk in, I can instantly see that Cay's been putting on weight and despite his miserable face, is looking a little better.

"Hey," I mutter quietly, sitting in the chair. He looks up in disbelief at me. I want to sit on the bed with him and have a hug, but after he decided to kiss me, I'm still unsure about it all.


"The one and only," I say with a small smile.

"And you're really here this time? It's not a dream or the meds or anything?"I frown slightly. Am I supposed to be not worried by that or something?

"Yeah, I'm really here."

"That's what you said last time," he chuckles slightly, making my eyebrow twitch up a little.

"And what else did I say last time?"

He heaves a contented sigh before replying, "Well for starters you said that. And you said something about Alex and Caleb and something about Hadley. Oh and something about your mom."

"Because that's not vague at all," I mumble with a smile.

"Either way, it turns out you were made of morphine." I give a quiet laugh at that. "But it's really you this time, right?" I nod.

"Yup. I'm all Maxxie."

"Care to prove it?"

"How would I prove it?" I ask dubiously, wondering if this is a ploy to get me close enough to kiss.

"However the real Maxxie would prove it," he shrugs and with an inward sigh, I get up and make him move over so I can sit with him. When he sighs slightly, I put my arms around him in a hug. Hesitating, he hugs back.

"See? I'm all me." His hold on me tightens.

"I missed you."

"Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't been over for a while. I promise I'll make more time for visits." He doesn't stop hugging and I close my eyes, resting my head on his shoulder, trying to ignore the guilt I feel at having not been here for ages. I knew he missed me before, I had read his diary after all. I should have expected something like that.

"I miss you," he mumbles and I feel a fresh sweep of guilt. Maybe coming here wasn't such a good plan when I was already feeling a bit weird. I just feel weirder.

"I know... I'm sorry." He kind of chuckles at that.

"What've you got to be sorry for?" I hum, smiling a little.

"For being so damn lovable."

"I knew I shouldn't have come back here," he says, mumbling again. Come back? Come back where? He's been lying in bed for ages.


"None of this would've happened if we'd stayed back home." Ah.

"Well you're the one sitting around on your ass," I murmur, "you can get on with making a time machine." I open my eyes and look up to see him smiling weakly. I return a smile just as feebly. I tighten my hug a little bit, drawing a small sigh from him. I don't say anything, trying to simultaneously worry about Cayden and whether Hadley is getting bored of me.

Cay opens his mouth to say something, but apparently changes his mind. I don't question it, instead burying my head in his shoulder. I feel like a kid again, wishing the world would be simple for once. 


The End

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