Hadley: Sleeping In The FortMature

I half expected Caleb to walk in once we were done. But then the more rational side of my brain reminded that he was in Mexico and couldn’t possibly walk in unless the plane he was on did a U-turn.

But hey, at least Maxxie had actually made the first move this time. I hadn’t been expecting anything. Especially when he said John showed up... This wasn’t cause of him, was it? What makes him so sure I’d get bored of Maxxie anyway? I mean, sure John’s pretty much fucked him up for life but I’ve coped with it so far. The lack of sex thing doesn’t bother me either. I’m not sex driven like Caleb and Cayden. I don’t get how anyone can get bored of a person anyway. People are always changing, right? So logically there’s always something new to discover about a person. I know I’ve changed since meeting Maxxie anyway. Not that that instantly means he’s gonna change just because he’s going out with me.

All of a sudden something snuggled up to me and put an arm over me. I jumped slightly and then realised it was just Maxxie. Guess I must’ve been thinking so much I forgot he was there.

Maxxie opened his eyes, surprised at my reaction. "What's up?"

I shook my head a little. "Nothing"

He kissed me and went back to snuggling. I smiled and cuddled up to him, trying to chill my brain out. Apparently it wasn’t done rambling.

"I love you, y'know" Maxxie mumbled with a smile.

I hummed and kissed his forehead. He closed his eyes, smiling a bit more and my brain started up again. Did he even sleep with me because he wanted to? Or was it just because of what John said? I mean, he’d kind of been putting it off until now and I couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d just done it to keep me happy. Not that I wouldn’t have been happy if we’d gotten home and just gone straight to sleep.

Maxxie started falling asleep and I found myself playing with his hair without even thinking about it. He hummed and I hugged him a little closer, enjoying the familiar warmth. He tightened his own hug and I smiled, even though he couldn’t see it.  I guess he must have sensed it or something, though, since he kissed me sleepily. I kissed back lazily, still kind of listening to my brain. He smiled slightly and I let go of him a bit as my brain started to convince me further that he’d only slept with me to prove John wrong or something like that. Maxxie opened his eyes and I kind of smiled at him.

"You okay?"

I nodded, knowing he wouldn’t believe me. I kissed his forehead and he closed his eyes again. I didn’t hug him as close as before but I didn’t let go of him any further. If he asked what was up again at least I could say I was a little hot or something. I don’t exactly like lying to him but until I can convince myself otherwise...

When I was convinced Maxxie was fully asleep, I slipped out of bed and wandered over to Caleb’s fort. If I know Caleb as well as I think I know him he’ll have left his candy in here. And sure enough, there it was. Hidden underneath a magazine and a t-shirt was his vast collection of random pieces of candy. Most of it’s covered in fluff from being wrapped in a t-shirt and carried around in various pockets but it’s nothing you couldn’t pick off. I lay down, wondering what exactly he used to make it so comfy and before I knew it, I was asleep.

The End

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