Maxxie: I'm fineMature

I drive back to the apartment in silence, ignoring any attempts Hadley makes at asking me what's wrong. I would have thought it was pretty obvious. No one likes to see their boyfriend - or girlfriend - flirting with someone else. It would have upset me even if John hadn't promised me that Hadley was going to get bored of me.

"If you keep ignoring me I'm gonna slap you." Charming.

"Full of charisma, as usual," I mutter under my breath, pulling up. "I'm not ignoring you," I say, raising my voice so he can hear, "I just don't have anything to say, because there's nothing wrong." I get out of the car, but not before I catch a glimpse of him looking all upset. He gets out too, still looking a bit upset.

"You don't have to lie to me."

"Fine," I sigh, "well the flirting with someone else wouldn't have put me in the best of moods anyways, but John showed up in my break and told me you'd be getting bored of me soon enough. I guess when I saw you flirting with that girl right after, it got to me more than it should have. So like I said, it's nothing. I'm being stupid." That doesn't stop me worrying that he's right, though.

His upset face morphs into one of puzzlement. "Why would you believe anything he tells you?"

"I don't. That's why I said I'm being stupid. It was just bad timing is all." He frowns but doesn't push it any further as we walk up to my apartment. I strip down to my boxers the moment I'm in my room and flop onto the bed, rolling over and pulling the duvet so it covers me. Hadley lies down next to me, frowning at my duvet theft. I smile as he tries to steal some of it back, but he just ends up pulling me on top of him with it. He grins slightly and I kiss him. I'm not especially tired and like a weird reversal of our roles, I feel the need to do something to keep Hadley happy and not let him slip through my fingers just because he gets bored of me.

He kisses back, giggling, though I don't know what he's giggling about.

I hesitate for all of a second before moving the duvet away from between us so I'm just lying on top of him. He giggles again.

"Hello." I just keep kissing him. As he kisses back, I slide one hand under his shirt, kissing harder as he shivers. His arms wrap around my waist and I smile, slipping the hand under his shirt down south between his legs. He tries not to giggle and I wonder if I'm wasting my time. When I hesitate a little, he arches his eyebrow. To cover it up, I kiss him again, shuffling back and undoing his jeans. He bites down on his lip and I come back up, littering kisses down his neck.

He shivers again, smiling and I smile, too, moving my hand back down between his legs as I kiss along his collar bone. His fingers tangle in my hair gently, and I tug at his shirt. He lets me pull it off, planting another kiss on my lips as I throw it aside. I strip him of his jeans, too, noticing a look of impatience on his face. Holding back a tiny sigh, I pull off our boxers, too and grab the lube.

I s'pose at least this time I managed to get hard. 


The End

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