"Ranette!" I hear someone call my name and twist around from my lunch to see who it is.

"Rosa, baby!" I grin, getting up to hug her, "I didn't know you were working on this film too." I've known Rosa for... ages. We went to college together and I haven't seen the girl in so long. Too long. Oh, and in case you didn't know, I'm working with costume design. I'm responsible for clothing our actors and making them look the part alongside the makeup artist.

"Yeah! Oh my god, how are you?"

"I'm doing great, thanks. Yourself?"

"I'm good. You look fab Nett! When did you get to Hollywood?"

"Thanks!" I beam. "I moved here when New York got boring," I wink. "Well, I say New York got boring. I mean the useless lump of a boyfriend got boring."

"Ha, well that's men for you!"

"Mmm. I discovered why you like the girls so much," I giggle at the memory of my discovery that girls are way more fun, sitting back down, "I love the new look, by the way. It's totally you," I comment, appraising her short hair and tighter clothes. A new ear piercing caught my attention as it flashed in the light and I smiled. Not the Rosa I knew at all.

"Yeah the new look, I'm glad you like." I love it.

"Listen, you wanna go out for a drink later after we've finished up here? We need to catch up, babe."

"Yeah sure. That sounds awesome. You want to go straight after filming, or do you want to go to one of the clubs tonight?"

"Depends what kind of catching up you're after," I wink, chuckling a little.

"Still a flirt I see." She grins, "Well you decide, but whatever you decide, we're going clubbing soon because I haven't been in ages!"

"Clubbing it is then," I smirk, "so long as it's me you're taking home," I flutter my eyelids, "I've been given just a taste of girl sex and I want more!" I giggle. But in all seriousness, I'd never imagined it would be so good. Even if Rosa says no, I'm going to find someone to take me home within the next week or so. 


The End

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