Rosalita: Back to workMature

That night, the doubts were still in my mind. Annie lay quietly beside me, while I watched the rise and fall of her chest. I guess these doubts are normal, but I just don't feel like this can happen. Like I can commit... to Annie. It's Annie, the girl I've known for years as a friend, and only a almost a year ago as a lover. And I was still not sure that I could commit at all, especially to someone I care about as more than a lover, as a friend. Actually...sort of like a sister. I stared at her sleeping form and realised...she is so like a sister to me. I never realised. I rolled over to face the other way. Maybe that was the problem.

The light through the curtains woke me. I rolled over and saw that Annie was still asleep. Silently, I got up and got dressed. Then I was out of the house as soon as I could be. I needed some time to think.

Except that now, I am at work, and all my thoughts have to be concentrated on the dance scenes. Kate kept grinning at me, but the only way to grin back was to pretend I was actually paying attention to what was going on. So I had to ignore everything that had gone on in my brain earlier, and get on with my job. At lunch, I went to the cafeteria, but before I got my food, I saw something that made me stop. Someone in the crowd who caught my attention.


The End

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