Hadley: Free DrinksMature

Okay, why do people take being hit on as a compliment? This is fucking torture. If one more girl walks over to me I swear to God I’ll…
“Hi, I’m Alana” the next girl said.

I have to admit, she was kind of cute. Curly dark hair, long eyelashes and one of those cute little pixie faces. I might as well humour her. At best I’ll get a drink out of it.

“Hadley” I said, looking around to make sure Maxxie wasn’t around.

She sat herself next to me, which was a welcome change from being sat on, and smiled. “Not often you see someone drinking pepsi in a bar”

“Wow, am I that obvious?” I asked and she laughed.

“Want me to get you another?”

“Isn’t it normally the guy that’s s’posed to buy the drinks?” Please don’t take me up on that.

“I’ve been watching you. You sweet talked the guy at the bar into giving you your first and then get cozy with whatever girl wants to try her luck with you til she buys you a drink”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “So if you know that, how come you’re over here?”

She smiled again. “I figured I’d give it a shot”

I like her, she’s got guts. So I pretty much flirted shamelessly with her, mirroring everything I’d ever seen Caleb do, until she finally gave in and agreed to get me another pepsi. She was trying to get the attention of the chick Maxxie worked with when I noticed he’d come back. He leant over and kissed me and I saw the look of shock on Alana’s face.

"I see you didn't miss me then"

"You... and him...?" Alana said, sounding kind of shocked. What, she was watching me and she didn’t see me kiss him before?

"Yes, he's my boyfriend. Don't look so shocked"

She opened her mouth to say something but changed her mind and walked off with a frown. I just pouted at Maxxie.

"I did warn you I'd get possessive"

"You could've waited til she bought me a drink"

"Isn't it my job to buy you drinks?"

"Honey, I've been getting free drinks all night"

He sighed and shuffled off to serve someone. I pouted again and crossed my arms sulkily. Don’t walk off when I’m teasing you. I watched him getting on with his job, noticing he occasionally looked around a tiny bit anxiously. I watched him for a while before I wanted to know what was up.

"Maxxieeeeee" Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have had that cocktail.


"You okay?"

"No" he said, and went back to his job. Oh, cause that’s not gonna make me worry at all.

I gave him a concerned look but he didn’t notice it so I settled on resting my chin on the bar. He came back over when it got a little quieter.

"What's up?" he asked.

"I could ask you the same question"

"You first"

"I'm bored and nobody's buying me drinks anymore" Nobody’s even looked at me since Alana came over.

"What d'you wanna drink?"

"Anything drinkable"

He gave me a shot of something. It wasn’t exactly in my mouth long enough for me to taste it.

"Your turn, buddy"

He shrugged. "It's nothing. I'm fine"

I frowned a little and he just gave me another shot before going back to his job and serving other people. Don’t think I’m letting it drop that easy, mister.

The End

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