Hadley: Sneak InMature

I woke up to the sound of Maxxie’s voice. Which was weird considering I didn’t even remember falling asleep. I looked up and saw him seemingly talking to himself so I guessed he must’ve been on the phone.

"Listen... no, c'mon just listen to me. Yeah. I love you too. So listen to me already" he said with a scowl. Who was he talking to?

He looked kind of irritable. "I know you said you'd kill Cay if he hurt me, but I don't    want     you to kill him. I'm fine"

Okay, seriously, who is he talking to? And why are they talking about killing my brother?

"Granddaaaaad" he whined.

I bit back a giggle and he rolled his eyes.

"Yes. I promise, I'll come back to England and see you. And yes, I promise I'll bring Hadley with me"

I smiled slightly at that. At least his granddad didn’t seem to hate the entire family cause of Cayden.

"Yeah. I love you too" he said, hanging up, "old git"

I laughed. Is it an English thing to insult your family members or am I just being stupid?

"Hope that's okay with you. Going to see him, I mean"

I smiled. "Why wouldn't it be?"

"Because he's embarrassing and will lecture you twice as badly now he's found out about Cayden cheating on me when he promised the old git he would 'never do that'"

"Good thing I'm not Cayden then"

He laughed slightly. "Mmm" he kissed me and I kissed back. "So, when d'you wanna go to the bog on the other side of the world?"

I smiled. "Whenever's good for you. It's not like I need to get time off work or anything"

He hummed at that like me not having a job was a good thing. "I think I need some more time to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable disaster that seeing my mother will turn out to be"

"You don't have to see her"

He sighed. "Granddad will tell her that I'm coming over. She'll want to see me. I'll be bullied into it either by granddad or Cay..."

I forced a tiny smile at that. Of course Cayden was gonna come up sooner or later. I mean. He did kick start the whole thing. Maxxie just whined and cuddled up to me. I hugged him, feeling a little better about it.

"Would having me around make it any better?"

"Mmm. She would probably want to meet you anyways"

"I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees how old I make you look" I giggled.

He chuckled. "Mmm. I'm turning into an old man. Twenty six in a few months!" he said, pulling this kind of horrified face.

"Oh shush, I stop being a teenager in a few months"

"But that's not old!"

"Neither's twenty six"

He grumbled under his breath about it.

I pressed a finger to his lips. "You're not old"

He kissed my finger and I giggled.

"Admit you're not old?"

"I'm not old"

"Much better" I said, kissing him and humming as he kissed back.

He snuggled up to me and mumbled "I don't feel like going to work tonight"

"Lazy" I chuckled.

"Can you blame me? Apart from not getting to sit down all night and not being allowed to drink any of the booze I'm selling, I'm irrationally afraid that John's just gonna show up out of the blue and make my night hell"

I pecked him on the lips. "He's not gonna show up, okay?"

"I know. That's why I said it was irrational" he said with a half smile.

"I can sneak in if it'd make you feel better"

"You could" he said, kissing me.

"As long as you can deal with people hitting on me" I smirked and he pouted.

"What if I go all possessive?"

"You'll just have to grin and bear it"

I pretended to go to kiss him, pulling back at the last second and earning a scowl from Maxxie. I tried not to laugh and he prodded me.

"I'll try"

"Good" I kissed his cheek and he smiled slightly. "If I'm trying to make you jealous I better go make sure I look nice" I grinned.

"You're mean, did you know that?"

"You've mentioned it a couple times"

"It's almost like you    want     me to go all possessive" he chuckled and I found myself mirroring it but with a darker edge.

"Maybe I do"

He smiled a little and I pecked him on the lips again. He kissed back and got up.

"I better get ready" he said, sighing dramatically.

Yeah, don’t take too long, pretty boy. Some of us have to work to look nice.

The End

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