Annie: Clubbing???Mature

"Well, I want to go clubbing but...... I'd feel like a idiot. And Lilianna has a fever a moment ago she was crying" As if on cue, Lilianna wails out. I sigh and begin to get to my feet.

"I'll get her" Rosalita says putting a hand on my shoulder. I nod and fall back onto the sofa. I mean seriously Lilianna hasn't stop crying and its worried me so much. "I think we need to take her to the doctors"

"Really?" I whisper panicking. Rosalita sits next to me.

"Well her fever is high although..." Lilianna begins to laugh and this causes me to giggle. "....She seems quite happy now"

"She likes her other mummy" I tease finding her face so I can kiss her. Then I rest my head on her shoulder. "How about we just stay here and watch toy story?"

Rosalita laughs. "Well if Lilianna aint well in the morning we'll take her in then" Rosalita says pulling me into her lap and put Lilianna in my arms as she pulls to lie down.

Me and Lilianna squeal at the same time and this cause Rosalita to laugh. I pout and she laughs even more. "She's copying you Annie"

The End

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