Maxxie: Bar workMature

Eventually, visiting hours are over, and I'm told to leave. Where now? Hadley hasn't called me from the payphone yet, meaning Caleb's flight is probably delayed, meaning I have an unknown amount of time to kill on my own.

So what do I do? I ring around and try to find out if I can sell my house from here and look for a job. The long and short of it is I have to go to England for identity or paperwork reasons or something like that, and the only work going is pretty much between prostitution and bar work.

Still, I was a bartender before I moved out here, that shouldn't be too hard. It's just boring. I send off my CV and twiddle my thumbs til Hadley calls.


I wait out in the parking lot for him, smoking and being bored.

"You really should quit," Hadley says as he gets in.

"Oh, hi, Maxxie, how're you? I'm fine, ta," I scowl slightly as I set off.

"Cheer up, sport." Cheer up? I just found out I have to go back to England! I don't reply; I just keep scowling. He pouts slightly and I sigh.

"Just ignore me. I'm bitching out about having to go to England again." Can you blame me? Twice in one year! It's like God hates me or something. Which is more than likely.


"I dunno. Whenever I wanna sell the house. Which is soon. Even with a new job, I still need the money." He sighs slightly. "Well, you can come with me if you like. Maybe you'll see why I'm so unenthusiastic about the UK," I give a small laugh.

"If you're stuck for cash it's probably not a good idea to take me."

"Once the house is sold, it won't matter. I'll have more than enough money for a couple of trips to the UK."

"It's up to you," he shrugs.

"Well I'm not gonna drag you out of America if you don't want to come with." He smiles at me and I glance over, wondering what he might think of the UK.

"I don't mind," he says. Well, that really helps.

"If you come over, you might have to deal with my parents. Well, my mum. My dad pretends I don't exist. Just a warning. Blame your brother." I certainly do. Hadley just laughs a little and I sigh, speeding back towards Hollywood.


"It's quiet without Caleb," I mutter, walking into the apartment, wondering vaguely if he would kill me if I took down his fort.

"I can think of ways to make up for it." I smile. I'm sure you can, Bunny boy, I'm sure you can. He giggles and pecks me on the lips. I wrap my arms around his waist and kiss back. I'll admit that having the apartment to ourselves will be a welcome change. He hums into the kiss.

"Later maybe," I mumble, "I applied for a job earlier and they said they'd get back to me before this evening whether I got an interview or not. I don't think they'd appreciate me missing the call, even if it is for a very good reason," I chuckle, kissing his neck. He fakes an upset look and I squeeze him gently, smiling, "I knew I should have gone for the prostitution job. They wouldn't mind so much."

"You can be my personal prostitute," he laughs and I wink.

"I think I can manage that one."



The End

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