Annie: AwakeMature

I wake up to darkness. "Rosalita" I whisper. Her breathing remains constant and steady. I sigh heavily.

Okay last night..... is so going to be worth the trouble. I find myself smiling smiling and biting my lower lip. Suddenly Rosalita moans her arms tightening around me. She's waking up.

"You are in trouble" She whispers into my neck.

"I don't care" I counter back. "Every inch worth it" I stroke from her waist down her leg as I speak. By every inch, I mean every inch of skin I can feel.

"Oh Annie, you have changed" Rosalita whispers kissing my neck. I smile slightly at that.

"Good or bad way" I whisper.

"Hmm, bad for my detimination.... good for the bedroom" She say pulling away. She pulls out of my arms as well. I moan annoyed causing her to laugh. "Oh, Annie. We have to get up. And I have work. You do right?"

Dammit.... I do. I sigh heavily and sit up. "Its a good thing I can write without seeing" I mutter trying to get up but falling over in a fit of giggles.

"Annie" Rosalita says probably rolling her eyes before coming to help me up.

The End

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