Cayden: October 17thMature

October 17th


Sup, Diary?


Maxxie came by again today. He didn’t bring Hadley this time, something about taking Caleb to the airport. Kid must be going on vacation or something. I should’ve asked where he was going. 

Anyway, Maxxie finally replied to that email from his mom that I’ve never told you about. He’d been putting off replying for ages but the lazy ass finally did it today. He bought his shitty laptop down and wrote back to her with me around since I got the two of them talking again.

I miss having him around. I kind of wish he wouldn’t come visit me anymore but I know if he does stop visiting I’ll just whine til he comes back. This must be doing shit to my head. I mean, each time he walks in I get the same kind of fuzzy feeling I used to get when me and John were  going out. And then he leaves and I’m back here on my own again.

Hadley’s lucky to have him.

Anyway, I guess I should go now. They’re bringing round my gourmet meal soon...

 I just want junk food, okay? Like, the food I eat normally.




P.S. The whole Maxxie thing isn’t gonna affect my eating, by the way. I’ve dealt with bigger shit than that before and it didn’t fuck up my appetite. And for the millionth time, Doc, I’m not anorexic.

The End

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