Annie: Why so long?Mature

I knew know all Rosalita was wearing now was her pants. With my sight gone I strangely seemed to be more bold than ever. I went down and bit the waist band of her knickers sliding them down and off.

Then slowly I licked back up her leg before teasing between. As I did Rosalita's hands slide into my hair and her hips rose slightly. I felt total triumph even though I know I'll be really told off tommorow.

I rose up and think I was looking down at her stomach. My hand found her leg and I let it trail up slowly. "Annie..." Rosalita moaned and I know now it was more to get on with it then to stop.

I smiled. "How much trouble will I be in?" I whisper trailing my fingers close then back down her leg.

"Lots.." Rosalita whispers then moans as I slide my fingers into her. She flips me over and I smile biting my lower lip. I wrap my free arm round her neck then legs round her waist. "But I can't be bothered to hold back"

The End

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