Rosalita:Love to hateMature

I hated her as she slipped her hand under my pants, but I loved her too much as well. If she could see what she looked like, the very image of a seductress. I have to admit I have a weak spot for dress up, and this outfit was...well, I'm surprised my resolve had lasted that long. Annie moved forward and back as her hand moved in my pants, and I groaned. Fuck that was good.


"Sssh." She whispered as she kissed my neck, then fastened her teeth on to my ear and pulled. I gasped as her rubbing began to get faster, and then I gave in. There was no way she was being the guy in that outfit. I stood up with her around my waist and gently, remembering her rib, pushed her back against the wall. Her legs dropped and she stood, allowing me to put my hands to other uses. I caressed her breasts, blown up in the tight outfit.

"You're going to be in trouble after this you know." I groaned as her hands slipped in to my pants again.

"Promise you'll use the whip?" she whispered, licking my lips for me.

 I moaned. It appeared that not being able to see had made Annie lose her reserve. She had only acted like this in my dreams before. I pulled off my top and she unfastened my bra, allowing my breasts to fall in to her hands. She teased me and bit my left breast. I moaned again. It was getting close to embarrassing. I pulled her roughly in to the bedroom, but she was the one pushing me on to the bed and slipping my trousers off so that I lay there, staring at this new Annie, dressed up and ready. I considered her request of using the whip. I would probably use it now, especially after this treat she was giving me.

The End

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