Maxxie: I love my BunnyMature

Well there go my plans to make it up to Hadley for earlier. Any sort of confidence I'd managed to get back was all taken away in the blink of an eye. I drive back quietly; I don't know what to say, or if there even is anything to be said. Hadley breaks the silence occasionally with a mumbled "sorry", but I'm not even entirely sure what he's sorry for. It's not like John being there was his fault.

I pull up in the parking lot and kill the engine, but for a moment, I don't move. I just sit there, trying to bring myself to step out into a deserted parking lot. Hadley flashes me a concerned look and I smile, pulling out and lighting a cigarette. After another moment, I get out. Hadley hesitates but gets out, making me frown slightly.

"You alright?"

"Yeah." My frown doesn't lift, but I walk around and take his hand, walking into the apartment block with him. He doesn't let go of my hand all the way up to my apartment and I begin to worry a little bit. I squeeze his hand a little. He smiles slightly, prompting a smile in return from me. I let us into my apartment and wander over to the sofa bed.

"You have an actual bed, y'know?" I nod.

"I know. I'm not tired, though, and I can't be bothered to fold this one back up." He sighs, but smiles anyways and I beckon him over. He sits beside me and I huggle up to him, not caring how clingy it might make me seem. He laughs a little and I smile. "I love my Bunny," I mumble.

"I'm always gonna be Bunny now, aren't I?"

"Quite possibly."

"Yay," he says in a kinda sarcastic tone and I peck him on the lips.

"I can stick to Hadley, if you prefer. I don't mind." But let's face it; Bunny is a pretty cute pet name. He kisses back.

"I can deal with Bunny for now." I hum and rest my head on his shoulder, smiling as he kisses the top of my head. I sigh slightly. "You okay?"

"Mmm. I was gonna make it up to you when we got back for earlier, but seeing John's kinda..." I trial off kind of uncomfortably.

"Hey, don't worry about it," he says huggling me and I huggle back, biting my lip slightly.

"I do worry about it - he's pretty much destroyed my sex drive as it is..." He pecks me on the lips.

"I'll just have to work on building it back up again then, won't I?" I smile slightly, still feeling kind of guilty. He cuddles up to me and my smile grows a little as I hold him close against me. He hums and I close my eyes. I'm not tired, but this is comfy and kind of relaxing after what happened at the club. So much for a night out to have fun, eh?

I kiss him warmly, and he kisses back. After a minute, he kisses harder and tugs on my hair a little. Well at least someone's still up for it. Still, y'never know. Maybe I'll be able to get John out of my head long enough to fuck him. Maybe.

I hum a little, enjoying the kiss, even though I know he wants more than that. He starts to kiss along my jaw and I slip my hands under his shirt, resting them on his waist. Letting out a hum, Hadley starts sucking on the skin just below my jaw, apparently determined to give me a hickey.

I run one hand down to his crotch and tease him gently through his jeans. What? I'm still capable of giving him a blowjob. He giggles.



"Huh." I go back to kissing him, unbuttoning his jeans as he watches curiously. I plant little kisses down his neck and shuffle back so I can pull down his pants and boxers. He arches his eyebrow at me. I ignore that and go down on him. He bites his lip and closes his eyes as I suck him off.

When he's done, I swallow and look up to see him grinning. I smile, too and move back up to kiss him. 


The End

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