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Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite so bad. I mean, I did get to molest Maxxie’s hips with my hands and I guess I did kind of enjoy myself. Doesn’t mean I can dance any better now, though. I glanced over at Caleb again to still him still being a whore on the table. I can’t say I blame him entirely, though. Hot Mess was on and that is kind of his favourite song. One of his favourite songs anyway.

Maxxie grinned and starting making out with me. I smiled and looked back over at Caleb. The little whore was making out with one guy and being felt up by another. How does he even..? How the fuck does he manage to…? Y’know what, I don’t even want to know.

Maxxie looked over as well. "You wouldn't have known he was a virgin this time last week" he giggled.

I chuckled. "He wasn't awkward about it"

He hummed and went back to making out, moving his hands down to my ass. Watch it, you, I’m not Caleb. Oh who am I kidding? I’d just hugged his waist when I heard a familiar voice.

"Isn't he a little too young to be in here?"

Maxxie tensed and I kissed his neck. "Just ignore him"

He tried to relax and moved away from John a little bit.

John caught sight of Caleb. "He definitely is"

"You can't tell me you never went clubbing underage"

"Catholic, remember?"

"Oh yeah. You just wait til the choir boys are a bit older before you rape them, don't you"

John laughed. "You're funny"

"S'pose I am. I never was a choir boy"

John hummed. "So why've you bought the kids out with you?"

"To have fun. Which you're ruining. So fuck off"

"I dunno, Hadley didn't exactly look like he was having fun"

"Who says we were stayin much longer?"

"Well considering you only got here a while ago..."

"You've been stalking me. Nice. I've never had such an avid admirer"

"Actually I was here already"

Maxxie said nothing to John and pecked me on the lips. "C'mon... let's go"

But I turned to John. Now that I’ve got the fucker here on my terms, kind of, maybe I can get some answers out of it. Or I can just whack him. Whichever works. "You're a heartless bastard, you know that right?"

"No, c'mon, I don't wanna fight" Maxxie said.

"Don't know what you're talking about, kid" John said. Oh good, it’s not just me that was gonna ignore him them.

"Wasn't it enough for you to break Cayden's heart once?"

Maxxie tried to pull me away but I shook him off.

“He broke his own heart, Hadley" John said. Sorry, is he being serious?

"Hadley" Maxxie said warningly, "let's just    go    "

"I never promised him a relationship, he just assumed that was what it was"

"He fucking loved you. Probably still does, even now. You're a sick, twisted asshole, and Hadley, can we please just go!" Maxxie said, kind of pleading at the end.

I didn’t move. Dude, you don’t build up someone’s hopes like that. Maxxie tugged on my hand but I still didn’t move.

"Did you want something else, Hads?" John asked and Maxxie tugged a bit harder.

I twisted my hand free and he swore.

I sniffled slightly, feeling kind of bad for Cayden. "Yeah I did want something else actually"

"Oh yeah?"

"Hadley, please, c'mon" Maxxie said but I just took a step towards John.

"Aww, Maxxie not keeping you occupied?" John said as I took another step towards him.

Maxxie watched on apprehensively.

John grinned at him. "What did you do wrong with this one? You were pretty good the other night"

 "Hadley!" Maxxie kind of shouted. He was either trying not to lose his temper or trying not to cry.

I stood right in front of John and he faked a kiss. Maxxie took half a step back, looking kind of horrified. John put an arm round me and I could see Maxxie tearing up a little. John glanced at him and grinned before kissing me. Maxxie balled his fists and John kept kissing me. C’mon you bastard, use your fucking tongue.

Out of nowhere, Maxxie punched him in the side of the head. He winced but kept kissing me, finally slipping his tongue into my mouth. Bad move, buddy. I clamped my teeth shut on his tongue, not letting go til I tasted blood.

Maxxie punched him again. "Don't touch my fucking boyfriend"

I took a step back, catching my breath as Maxxie floored John. He moved the both of us away from John and wiped the blood from my lips.

"You okay?"

I nodded.

"Can we go now?"

"Yeah. Sorry"

"S'fine" he took my hand and I squeezed.

He smiled vaguely.

"Sorry" I said quietly.

"What for?"

"Not listening"

"Doesn't matter"

"It does"

He shook his head and I mumbled "Sorry"

He stopped and kissed me. "It's fine"

I looked down at my feet, feeling like everything was my fault again.


"Nothing, just... Sorry"

He sighed and hugged me.

I hugged back. "I really am sorry"

"I love you"

"Love you too"

"C'mon, Bunny. Let's go home, eh?" he smiled.

I nodded and smiled back. He squeezed my hand as we walked back to the car. I hope Caleb has better luck…

The End

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