Hadley: DancingMature

I didn’t bother complaining when Caleb pulled me inside his fort. Complaining gets you nowhere with him. He moved some junk out of the way before turning back to me and shoving a strawberry cable in my mouth. He shoved one in his own mouth and rooted through some more stuff to reveal his old Gameboy. We stayed there eating whatever candy we came across, playing on Caleb’s Gameboy and listening to his iPod like normal kids our age. Well, normal kids until Caleb’s jeans were magically stolen off him and thrown into the living room.

I heard Maxxie turn the TV off. "C'mon. Hollywood nightlife is calling us" he got up, no doubt going to get dressed.

 "Just a sec" I said as Caleb shoved another five strawberry laces in my mouth.

"Hurry it up in there"

"Hey, this is difficult, okay?" Caleb said. For once, he was actually right. I’d never been able to beat the last boss. Ever.

"Dude if you don't hurry up, I'm not getting you into any clubs tonight" Maxxie said and shushed him.

"Do it there. No, not there!    There    "

Maxxie sighed and Caleb groaned. Oops, I kind of failed that.

"I'll be in the car" Maxxie said, sounding kind of annoyed, and left.


Eventually, Caleb and me managed to get ourselves dressed and met Maxxie down in the car. He drove to wherever it was we were going. I smiled at Maxxie as he drove. He handed us our fake I.D. as we got to the club.

"Shouldn't need them here, but y'know" he shrugged, "just in case"

Caleb grinned and I held Maxxie’s hand. Remember how I don’t really like people touching me?

He pecked me on the lips. "C'mon"

"Yeah, c'mon, dude" Caleb said.

We queued for a little while and the bouncer waved Maxxie through with a smile. Of course me and Caleb wouldn’t get the same treatment. "I.D?"

"They're with me, doll" Maxxie said and Caleb grinned with the confidence of about five people.

The bouncer guy looked kind of reluctant. "If I get caught for this, Maxxie..."

"I know, I know. I have to pay your rent" he grinned and pulled me and Caleb through.

I could see Caleb trying his best not to act like a little kid as we walked in but I knew it wouldn’t last long. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went home with a paedo. I just sort of shuffled after Maxxie, suddenly conscious of how many people were in there. Maxxie took my hand and I smiled. At least there’s one familiar face in here. He kissed me and pushed through to the bar. Caleb didn’t come with us, he was already chatting to someone. Maxxie glanced over at him and wandered off somewhere, leaving me on my own at the bar. I kept my eye on him. At least, I did until some drunk guy who must’ve been at least twice my age deciding it’d be a good idea to start hitting on me. I tried my best to ignore him but it’s really quite hard to ignore someone practically breathing down your neck. Next thing I know, Maxxie’s appeared again and starts making out with me. At least, I hope it’s Maxxie. I blushed a little and Maxxie giggled slightly.

 "What d'you wanna drink?"

"I don't mind" I said. To be honest, at least one of us should stay sober enough to drive home without crashing.

Maxxie ordered some vodka shots. That’ll be me staying sober then.

I smiled slightly. "How long til Caleb goes missing?"

"Not long, I'd imagine"

"Hope he's got his phone"

"Think he'll remember to use a condom?"

I laughed slightly. "No"

He shrugged. "Then let’s hope whoever he goes off with remembers" he smiled and had his drinks.

I smiled back and took his hand again. He squeezed mine slightly and I pecked him on the lips. After a few minutes I hadn’t really drunk anything. To be honest, if I’m drinking it’s at home with my buddies where nobody can get date raped.

"You gonna have that?"

I shook my head

He drank mine before asking "Wanna dance?"

I smiled. "You've clearly never seen my dancing"

He giggled . "I can teach you a few things, if you like" he said with a wink and I laughed.

I glanced over at where I’d seen Caleb last and saw him dancing on a table. I’m not even sure if that’s booze or just him. I didn’t get a chance to work it out, though, as Maxxie pulled me over to the dance floor. I blushed a bit and he put my hands on his hips, kissing me. I kissed back and took a deep breath. Something told me this wasn’t going to be an enjoyable experience.

The End

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