Maxxie: Keep your clothes onMature

So I should have just said no. It probably would have been easier, and made me feel a whole lot less guilty. I kind of just curl up next to him, wondering why I hadn't said no.

I glance up and see him still blushing. I put an arm over his waist and kiss him. Christ, I'm sorry, Hads.

"I feel stupid," he mumbles and I just feel even more guilty.

"M'sorry," I mutter, burying my head in his shoulder. He puts an arm around me and I sigh quietly, closing my eyes.

"S'up?" he asks. You can't guess?

"I made you feel stupid. Sorry," I mumble.

"I made myself feel stupid." I lift my head and kiss him again. He kisses back and I smile slightly, glad that he at least doesn't hate me. Maybe later after a few drinks I'll be more relaxed and be able to make up for it later.

"It was my fault. I'll make it up to you later, if you want." He hums and go back to snuggling against him. Of course, that's when Caleb bursts in. I just look up at him.

"Why are you guys on the floor?" I kind of shrug, as best I can while I'm lying on my side. "And why are you naked?" I roll my eyes. Really, do you need to ask? "Dude, why didn't you call me or something? I was only like ten minutes away"

"We still have all night, Caleb, don't fret."

"Bro, you said the words "clubbing" and "tonight" in the same sentence. I'm getting laid in the bed of some beautiful stranger."

"Then why're you whining?" I laugh slightly.

"I could've watched," he pouts.

"Tough shit," I smile, glad that he wasn't here.

"Asshole," he says as I sit up and reach for my boxers. I pull them back on, feeling slightly less uncomfortable with the whole situation. Hadley stays where he is and I lie back down beside him smiling as a smile pulls at his own lips. Caleb goes off to sit in his fort, leaving me and Hadley on the floor like that.


Eventually I get up to stick a couple of pizzas in the oven.

"So, are you guys gonna get dressed anytime soon or do I have permission to be naked?" I roll my eyes.

"Well we're going out in a couple of hours. I don't care either way so long as you're dressed before we leave." Although I can just imagine Caleb going out in just his boxers. Not that he'd be allowed in anywhere, but y'know.

"Don't let him. It'll take hours to get him dressed again," Hadley warns. Caleb grins and starts to pull his shirt off. Shaking my head, I just sit down in front of the oven and watch the pizzas through the glass. I can't be bothered to deal with burning the fuck out of them the way I usually do. I'm hit in the face by Caleb's shirt and I laugh slightly.

"Cheers," I say, putting it on. It's a bit tight, but I can deal with that. Caleb starts undoing his jeans and Hadley is apparently less than happy about this. Personally, I'm not especially bothered.

"Caleb, I swear to God I will fucking kick your ass. Keep your clothes on."

"Stop upsetting my Bunny," I mutter, trying not to laugh. Caleb sighs and keeps his jeans on. I pull his shirt off and get up, throwing it back at him. "You can have that back, I'll stick with my own clothes."

"Is that your way of telling me to put it back on?" I chuckle.

"Personally, I'm completely indifferent. Like I said, so long as you're dressed before we go out, I don't care." I go off into the bedroom and tip out the contents of my suitcase onto the bed and frown slightly. I can't actually be bothered to pick a shirt yet, but I pull on some jeans at least, before wandering back out. Hadley starts looking around for his boxers and on the way back to the kitchen, I see them and give them back.

"Thanks," he says with a slight blush. I just smile and go back to sitting in front of the oven. Caleb pulls him into the fort and I can't help being a little suspicious.

"Oh, so he's allowed in, but I have to give you a password?"

"Yep," Caleb giggles and I roll my eyes. When the pizza's done, I cut it up and stick some on a plate for them, leaving it just outside the fort. Guess I'll stick to the sofa. 


The End

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