Hadley: IdiotMature

I started looking through Maxxie’s CDs and let’s just say, there’s not much hope for the guy. It was just electro shit left, right and centre. There was maybe one decent album in his entire collection. Dude, you so fail. I glanced through them again, trying to hunt down the All Time Low album I know I saw.

"Dude, your music sucks" I said, still trying to find that All Time Low CD.

He gave me this offended face. Ah, there’s the little fucker.

"Okay, this," I held up the CD, "This is very good. But everything else... just no"

"And what's wrong with the rest of it?"

"It's shit"

"In    your     opinion"

"And no doubt Caleb's if he saw half this stuff" Seriously. The guy loves Forever The Sickest Kids and, just because he’s ginger and called Caleb he thinks he’s named after Caleb Turman.

Maxxie huffed and I put on All Time Low regardless. He just sat there with this little grumpy face, muttering under his breath "My music does not suck"

"   This     doesn't suck"

He grunted and rolled over, using his arm as a pillow. I went back to the sandwich I’d been quite happily eating before Maxxie came and attacked me with his shit music and started singing along. Maxxie seemed to be quite happy lying on the floor being moody. I finished eating and turned the volume up a little more. He rolled onto his back again and I smiled down at him innocently.


"Nothing. Gimme a cushion"

I pouted. "Why?"

"Because I want one and you love me"

"How do you know I do, though?"

"Because... I dunno. Gimme a cushion"

I giggled. "Nope"

He whined and I mimicked him sarcastically, smiling at the end. He scowled and rolled back over to how he was before. I sighed and pushed him back onto his back, ignoring the moan and pout that followed.

I prodded my stomach. "This is better than a cushion"

"Mmm" he said, pushing me down slightly and resting his head on my stomach.

I laughed and he smiled, humming as I played with his hair. We stayed like that for a while until I started thinking about last night. Seriously, why had I been so fucking awkward about it for nineteen years?

"Lift your head up"

He groaned but did it anyway and I kissed him. He kissed back and I kissed harder but he just matched it. I grinned and he hummed again. My fingers found their way back to his hair and next thing I knew he’d sat up, pulling me with him, and started making out with me. I smiled and hummed. He seemed quite happy to just make out but I had something else on my mind.

I straddled him and he put his arms around my neck. I kissed his collarbone and he kissed down my neck, moving his arms to my waist. I took his hands in mine and moved them right down to my hips. He kept them there and went right back to making out. I threaded my fingers through his hair and he hummed, tightening his grip on me. I tugged on his shirt slightly and he let me slip it off him. I ran a hand down his now exposed chest and he bit his lip slightly. I kept moving my hand down. He closed his eyes for a moment, smiling. My hand stopped once I reached his hips and he gave me a curious look. I blushed slightly and pressed my forehead to his, moving my hand back up a little. He smiled again and kissed me. And naturally, I kissed back.

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my jeans and sighed contentedly. What, you think I’m stopping there? I started pulling off my t-shirt and Maxxie ended up doing it for me. I shivered lightly at how cold it was all of a sudden and Maxxie kissed down my chest. Yeah, not helping with the shivering there, buddy. He pecked me on the lips and smiled, running a hand over my back. I pressed myself against him and he held me there, kissing me. I moaned slightly and blushed. He smiled and moved his hands down to my ass. I kissed his neck and he tilted his head, groaning quietly with a smile.

Alright, Maxxie, I’ve had enough time with you in clothes. Get naked. Wait, I’ll get you naked. So that’s what I started doing, Maxxie seemed a tiny bit reluctant but let me do it anyway. I got myself naked a hell of a lot quicker.

He kissed me, letting his hands wander. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his waist and kissed harder. Uh, Maxxie, no offence but we can kiss any time. Okay, I’m getting a little impatient but so what? Maxxie still seemed kind of reluctant so he started giving me a hand job. I groaned impatiently and Maxxie bit his lip. The guy wasn’t even hard. Wow, that’s not detrimental to my self-esteem in any way. He hesitated and rolled over so I could fuck him. Wait, what? I bit my lip and Maxxie glanced up.

"If it's lube you're after, there's some in the bedroom"

"Uh, right..." I said, going over and getting it.

Alright, now what the fuck am I doing? You’re probably thinking “oh, he should know. He’s a teenage boy, he probably just spends his time jerking off and watching porn”. No, that’s Caleb you’re thinking of. I’ve jerked off maybe twice in my entire life.

Maxxie waited while I had my little internal panic attack and I bit my lip again. He smiled at me and I blushed.

"What's the blush for, gorgeous?"

"Nothin’" I mumbled.

He sat up and kissed me, lubing me up before rolling back over. Okay, now that’s done… Nope, once again, what the fuck am I s’posed to do? Maxxie pushed me back and did all the work for me. I blushed the entire time. Okay, so if my failed attempts to turn on my boyfriend weren’t detrimental enough, that certainly finished the job.

Maxxie just smiled and concentrated on… well, since they insist on calling me “Bunny”, I guess he was concentrating on making me a happy bunny. I kissed him and bit my lip, still blushing. What? I still feel like an idiot.

The End

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