Annie: I'll tryMature

I pouted and I heard Rosalita's small laugh. "I can't help it Rosa" I mutter kissing her forehead. "If I commit to someone I do like to get rewarded"

Rosalita laughed and I smiled back stroking her cheek then her neck. Rosalita moans. "Annie, I'm serious about this" Rosalita says again.

I huff and fold my arms angrily. I feel a hand on my cheek but stand up. "I'm going to the bathroom" I say moving through the house carefully. I head into the bedroom which leads to an onsuite.

But I don't go there I work my way to the wardrobe. Where is that box? I find it and pull out the outfit. I know you're trying to be good Rosa.... doesn't mean I can't play unfair.

I pull my clothes then pull the outfit on. Okay, so maybe I really ain't playing fair. But seriously. I do not care.

I walk back to the door an open it. A couple of seconds and I hear Rosalita moan. "Annie" She mutters and I can tell shes put her face in her hands. "That ain't fair... I was even with you when you bought that"

"Just cause you want to be goody two shoes doesn't mean I have to be" I say going over and sitting on her lap one leg either side of her hips. I push her so she's leaning back against the sofa. "Besides Rosa. I know you've decided to change and all but seriously its been about 2 weeks. I don't think I'm going to have to press hard for you to co-operate"

I kiss her neck letting my other hand travel to her jean zip. "Annie.." Rosalita moans but its weaker and I find myself smiling. I continue to kiss her neck and get her trousers undone allowing me to slide my hand beneath her pants and between her legs.

The End

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