Rosalita:More serious than I thoughtMature

Annie revealing her other injuries shocked me. Normally, I would have been angry, but now I just wanted to settle down. I put Annie on the sofa and went to make her a drink.

"Is Lilianna alright?"

"Yes, she's asleep."

"What are we going to do?"

"Talk? Or we could listen to some music."

"Both?" I smiled.

"Yeah alright." I slipped on some Marina and the Diamonds and went back to making her a hot chocolate.



"Are you sure about the whole, slow relationship thing?"

"Yes. If everything goes too quick we may end up like last time. I don't want that."

"But what if you start to get bored?"

"Then I'll hurry it up."

"So you won't go out..."

"No, I won't go out and find someone else." She sighed.

"Good." I brought her drink over to her and settled down on the sofa, my head in her lap.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked, playing with her hair.

"Well I don't want to talk." She was grinning cheekily. I kissed her.

"Control yourself Annie. Don't go getting bored on me."

The End

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