Annie: 3 weeksMature

"I know... I have to go back in 3 weeks. They said they had to put time between tests. The last one showed minor damage" I whisper as Rosalita continues to drive.

"Okay.... did they tell you a date?" She asks pulling up. I nod. "Good, come on. Lets get inside"

Rosalita helps me in and I smell the familiarity of the apartment. "What the hell?!?" Rosalita swears. "Helena, I told you to leave"

"Yeah but I see SHES back" Helena yell obviously gesturing me. Rosalita draws me to her wrapping her arm round her waist.

"Whats happening?" I mutter knowing my eyes are probably looking around even though I can't see. Helena scoffs.

"And she's stupid enough to not understand" Helena spits.

"She's blind Helena. She had an accident and fell blind. Besides I love her, I've always known it but never been certain till now" Rosalita says firmly.

"Blind?? Pfft, she's probably doing that for attention" Helena spits. Then I feel a hand come across my face and I stumble. I kick out and Helena screams out. "You bitch!"

"Enough!" Rosalita yells. "Stay away Helena and get out"  Helena huffs and a few seconds later the door slams shut causing me to jump. "I'm sorry Annie" She whispers pulling me into a hug and stroking my sore cheek.

"Its okay. Its not as bad as last time. Oh, I completely forgot to be careful with my ribs" I mutter. Rosalita hesitates and I know she's coonfused.

"Your ribs???" Rosalita whispers.

"Opps" I mutter remembering she didn't know. "Yeah, I had a crack in one of my ribs"

"Why haven't you got a bandage?" She whisper.

"Well I did but it wasn't that bad. Neither was my nose" I mutter looking away... I think?

"Oh god Annie" Rosalita mutters. I put a finger on her lips then lean up to kiss her wrapping my arms round her neck.

"How about we just forget about it, put Lilianna in bed then cuddle on the couch? Hmm"

The End

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