Rosalita: Silent tearsMature

Lilianna was blissfully ignorant of every adult problem and it made me glad that she wasn't older. If she had been, explaining would have added extra stress to the whole situation. Already I could feel tears brimming in the corners of my eyes as I watched Annie eating blindly. She stabbed at the pasta without seeing it, and almost knocked over her water as she did so. I moved it. Lilianna was eating spaghetti, with my help of course, a little chubby cheeked grin on her face. She was going to be a beauty, just like her mother. I smiled at her, and wiped away the tear that escaped my eye.

A waitress came over and took away the empty plates. I helped Annie out of the restraunt, one hand on her shoulder, the other wrapped around Lilianna's carrier. It began to rain.

We rushed to the car, and once we were inside, I turned to Annie.

"Annie, you know you have to go back to the hospital don't you? They'll need to check up on you, to see if they can do anything about...about your sight."

The End

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