Annie: Being part of a invisible worldMature

"Ouch!" I yell out.

"Annie... What happened?" Rosalita's arms went round her and Annie shook her head reaching down to rub her foot.

"I think I kicked the table with my foot" I mutter trying to look at her. Rosalita finds my face with her hand and strokes my cheek. I rest into it and she sighs heavily.

"Lets get to the italian" Rosalita whispers in my ear. I nod and I hear Lilianna giggle when her carriers picked up.  Moving out of the apartment and into the sun. I can only tell its sunny by the warmth on my skin.

A sob excapes my lips and Rosalita's grip on my hand tightens. I nod silently and then we're in the car. We make it to the italien and sit down. I think Rosalita puts Lilianna in a highchair.

"Can you order for my please?" I whisper letting my hands rest palms down on the table. I feel a hand go over my right and smile.

"Of corse, Annie" Rosalita says.

I get pasta while Rosalita gets something else. Lilianna gets spaghetti I think. Well thats what I said to Rosalita to get her. It like I'm part of an invisible world.

The End

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