Maxxie: You choose.Mature

Ah, gym. Same old, same old. You've not changed a bit. Neither has my routine. I stick to the familiar: cardio, weights, rowing machine, stretches, cool down. Hadley goes off to find something to eat and wanders in and out to ask me if I'm done yet.

In the showers, I can already feel the ache and I curse and grumble inwardly, regretting ever quitting the gym.

Outside, just like the hypocrite I am, I flop onto a bench and wait for Hadley to wander back over and ask if I'm done yet, lighting a cigarette. Oh yeah. That's health, right there.

"You should quit," Hadley says as he walks over to me.

"Probably," I agree through a lungful of smoke.

"Definitely." I just smile and finish my cigarette, flicking it into the road when I'm done. He kind of smiles back and I get up, taking his hand.

"I want to go and sleep for a week."

"Lightweight," he chuckles.

"I haven't been in like, a year and a half. Cut me some slack," I groan, wondering if I should have maybe broken myself back in gently.

"Still a lightweight."

"Yeah?" I grin evilly, "next time, you get your ass in there and do the same routine and see what you think about it when you're done." He pouts and flutters his eyelashes at me.

"And if I get dizzy?"

"Then I can practice my first aid skills on you," I laugh. Well, you don't live with a cage fighter for that long without learning first aid. That'd be stupid. He laughs too and kisses my cheek. I dig into my pocket and pull out the car key, handing them to Hadley. "Here, you're driving back. I want to curl up in the back seat and die." He rolls his eyes, but doesn't argue and ends up driving back anyways.

As promised, I lie down on the back seat and complain all the way back.


"Carry me," I whine when Hadley pulls up in the parking lot attached to my apartment building.

"Sorry, have you seen how tiny I am?" I just nod, trying not to laugh. "And you expect someone as tiny as me to carry you?" I moan and haul myself out of the car, shoving my gym bag at him.

"Carry that then." He grins at me.

"That I can manage." I grunt and walk into the building, praying to whatever gods may listen that the elevators are working. When only one of them has an ‘out of order' sign on it, I thank those gods and slink inside the little box. Hadley rolls his eyes at me again but follows me in.

"What?" I whine, "it's four storeys. I'm not taking the stairs for anything."

"Lazy." I just scowl at him. He gives me an innocent smile and I scowl some more at him.


I go straight to the bedroom and flop face down on the bed, my arms out like I'm hugging it. "Hello bed. Did you miss me? I missed you." I hear Hadley tutting behind me. I roll over and see him shaking his head.

"Want anything to eat?"

"No. I'll get something later." He nods and goes off to get something for himself. I reach over and grab the remote for my stereo. Music might wake me up. I wave it in the general direction of the stereo and groan as Tiesto fills the living room. "Hadleyyy," I whinge, "change the CD."

"Do it yourself," he says through a mouthful of whatever he got for himself. I moan and make absolutely no effort to move. "I'm eating," he says through another mouthful.

"You're closer to it than I am."

"I don't care. I'm eating." Ugh. I push myself up and shuffle into the living room, plonking myself down on the floor in front of the CD player like a moody child. Grabbing the book thing full of CDs, I flick through it, wondering what to put on. I throw it on the sofa beside Hadley and lie back on the floor, staring at the ceiling.

"You choose."


The End

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