Maxxie: the hug shuffleMature

Leaving them alone together could either be a huge mistake, or, they might actually say something to each other and manage to keep it civil.

Maybe. Possibly.

Probably not.

I wander off to that coffee machine whose acquaintance I had made before while I was getting lost and sit by it with my drink, wondering vaguely how long I should leave them together. I guess as long as it takes to drink a coffee?

I change my mind. I wanna sit outside and eavesdrop.

"Hey," Cayden says. There's an awkward silence that Cay ends up breaking. "How's things?"

"Good," Hadley replies and I roll my eyes, settling on a chair just by the door. There's another silence and Cay tries again.

"So, you and Maxxie, huh?"


"I hear you and him haven't... yet."

"Oh, no, we did last night." Way to put your brother at ease there, Hadley.

"Oh..." When another awkward silence descends upon the room, I get up and go back inside. There's no other chair in there, so I end up sitting on Hadley.

"I'm not a chair," he protests, prodding me.

"I know. You're far more comfy than those fucking things they call chairs here." Cay just sits there looking kinda shocked and I wonder if I should have just brought a chair in with me. Then again, he's gonna have to deal with me being with Hadley at some point.

"Your ass could do with being comfier."

"Shurrup. Aren't I fat enough already?"

"Fat doesn't mean comfy."

"Then get up and I'll be your chair," I get up again and look at him expectantly. He heaves a dramatic sigh, getting up. I put my coffee on the floor and sit down, pulling Hadley onto my lap. He grins and I put my arms around his waist, noticing that the look of shock is still firmly attached to Cayden's face. "Earth to Cayden. Please don't be having a heart attack."

"How the fuck did you get him to sleep with you?"

"He wanted it," I shrug, "as far as I remember I was actually trying to go out." Oh yeah, that was it. He started making out with Caleb and I turned into an over emotional girl and tried to storm out. Hadley's cheeks light up and Cayden goes back into shock. I'm sure a look of concern flickers across my face. I meant it when I said please don't be having a heart attack.

"He wanted it? The kid who used to get grossed out if you said penis?" Hadley scrunches up his nose and I smile slightly, nodding. "Wow. Did not see that one coming."

"Neither did I," I chuckle a little, "I was expecting to wait, what was it before? Fifty years?"

"Shuddup," Hadley mumbles and I smile, pecking him on the lips.

"Hey, not in front of me," Cayden protests when Hadley kisses back.

"Sorry," I smile.

"He's my brother and you're my ex, that's just weird." I hold up my hands defensively. I didn't want to freak you out and start a fight, I just wanted to kiss my boyfriend. "To watch," he adds and I slip my arms back around Hadley's waist.

"This is allowed right, though?" he nods, and I smile. Cay yawns slightly and I sigh inwardly. "Well anyhow, the gym's calling my fat ass. I'll leave you to it," I mutter.

"Take me with. It's boring here."

"I'm sure the docs would love that so soon after having your chest cut open."

"Ugh, just take me    somewhere     then."

"I'll ask, but I doubt they'll let you," I laugh slightly and he whines. "I'll ask," I promise, getting up and pulling Hadley with me.

"See you later." I nod and shuffle out of the room with Hadley in front of me, my arms still around him. He hugs my waist and I close the door and stop shuffling. He looks up at me slightly confused. I plant a bebbe kiss on his lips and smile. On the inside, I want to have a go at him for not saying anything to his brother, but I know how hard it was talking to my mum. So I guess I can forgive him for his reluctance, or whatever it was.

He kisses back, still looking confused. Smiling again, I go back to our hug shuffling all the way down the corridor. 


The End

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