Hadley: HiMature

By the time we reached the hospital I’d kind of changed my mind about seeing Cayden. I sort of dithered around behind Maxxie for a while before finally saying "Maybe I shouldn't have come"

Maxxie held my hand and kissed me. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to"

I smiled but made no effort to really move any faster.

"D'you wanna wait outside or are you okay?"

I shook my head. "I'll risk it"

He kissed me again and we walked in the direction of what I’d been told was Cayden’s room. The only thing going through my head was “how much is all this gonna cost?”

Maxxie didn’t say anything on the way there, which I was kind of thankful for but kind of annoyed at. Why was I annoyed at it? I don’t know. Cayden looked asleep when we walked in. I was just about to go “oh well, guess you’ll just have to come back later” when Maxxie wandered over and poked him.

 "Skeleton boy, you got visitors. Wake the fuck up"

Cayden grumbled and didn’t open his eyes.

"Useless" Maxxie sort of smiled and Cayden cracked an eye open. "You gonna wake up or shall we go and come back later?"

"We?" Cayden asked. Thanks for noticing me there, bro.

Maxxie pointed over at me and Cayden kind of smiled a little once he saw me. I just sort of stood where I was awkwardly. Dude, why should I be nice to you? You didn’t even notice I was in the fucking room.

Maxxie sat down. "Be nice"

I didn’t move an inch, watching as Cayden tried to sit up.

"You're allowed to sit down, y'know, Hadley" Maxxie said.

"I'm fine here"

Maxxie shrugged and Cayden flopped back against his pillows, apparently giving up on sitting up.

"Want some help there?" Maxxie asked.

"If you would"

Maxxie helped him sit up and, once he was comfortable, he said kind of quietly "Hi, Hads"

I didn’t really say anything. I didn’t exactly have anything to say to him that I could keep civil. Maxxie sat back down and sort of waited for the two of us to make some kind of conversation but nothing really happened. I had nothing to say to him and he seemingly had nothing to say to me.

"I said civil, not silent"

I shrugged and Cayden looked sort of upset. Why are you fucking upset? You had a perfect opportunity to open your God damn mouth right then.

"C'mon, Hadley" Maxxie said, a little exasperated.

"What do you want me to say?"

"I dunno" he glanced at Cayden, "you're welcome to make an effort too"

"Hey, last I knew, he hated me" Cayden said, kind of shrugging.

"   He     has a name" I muttered. He also happens to be in the room, y’know.

"Well maybe's now a good time to talk things over. Some forgiveness from both sides would be nice, too, but I'm not expecting that"

Neither of us said anything and Maxxie sighed. Cayden bit his lip. Since when do you fucking care about upsetting Maxxie? Maxxie stared at the ceiling and I sort of shuffled a bit, moving my weight from one foot to the other. Maxxie waited.

"I made a mistake coming here" I said finally.

He looked at me, almost disappointed. "I wasn't expecting a miracle, but you guys could have at least talked a bit" he stood up, no doubt to go get a coffee.

"Maxxie..." I said, making him stop.


Don’t leave me on my own with him. "...Nothing"

"I'm gonna get coffee. Want one?"

I shook my head.

"Right, well at least make    some     effort while I'm gone. I'm fed up to you two not getting on"

Cayden chuckled slightly. "Don't expect much"

"I'm not" he said and left.

I sat in the chair Maxxie had been sat in and stared at the corner of the room. Hmm, what can I say to him that isn’t shouting or abuse? “Hi”.

The End

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