Maxxie: CivilMature

Why did I say I'd see Cayden today? Why? I only made a hasty exit ‘cause he'd decided it'd be a good plan to kiss me, so why'd I say that I'd be back today? Because I know I'll only feel like crap if I don't show when I said I would. I know, I'm weird.

While I'm trying to make up my mind about what to do about seeing Cayden, me and Bunny go about finding Grumpy Pants. After a while, I notice Bunny's trying not to look lost. "Any idea where Grumpy Pants might have gone?" Can't really say I'm a fan of aimless wandering. Which is exactly what we're doing.

"Somewhere he could sit..."

"So a Starbucks then?" he nods and I take his hand, dragging him in the opposite direction, heading for the Starbucks closest to the iHop. He squeezes my hand a little and I manage a faint smile. Oh yeah. John and being outside and Cay aren't the only things on my mind now. There's last night too. Bunny doesn't seem to notice that, though, smiling back.

When we find Grumpy Pants, he's on the phone, probably trying to get through to Alex. After a moment, he throws the phone down on the table and I resist the urge to roll my eyes. Does he really think he'll get through to Alex while he's training? I walk over with Bunny and am greeted with what's close enough to a glare.

"What?" I ask. He doesn't say anything. With a sigh, I sit down across from him and pick up his phone, flicking through his list of called numbers. All Alex. Bless. "Try calling him again in a couple of hours when he's not training." He still doesn't say anything, pulling a sulky face. I reach over the table and prod the corners of his mouth up. "We can go clubbing later and have some fun, eh?"

Bunny tries not to laugh, "Grumpy'd need fake I.D. for that."

"And I might just have some hanging around the apartment. Somewhere." Caleb kind of cheers up at that and I smile. "I'll see if I can find it for you later on."

"Leaving me out, huh?" Bunny says and I shake my head.

"Nope. Grumpy can have my old fake I.D and you can have Alex's old fake I.D. I may never have picked a lock before, but there's never any point in throwing away a bit of good forgery." And if we go where I'm thinking of taking them, they won't even need those. Let's just say I know the bouncer pretty well. Bunny pecks me on the lips and I stop myself from kissing back as Grumpy groans in annoyance. "Anyways, I should go see Cay."

"Thought you weren't going?" Bunny asks and I shrug.

"I'm not in the mood to. Doesn't mean I'm not going."

"Want me to come?" Okay, where's Hadley and what've you done with him?

"Sure, if you want to. So long as you two'll stay civil."

"No promises." I roll my eyes. 


The End

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