Rosalita: Watching you sleepMature

Annie slept. She had cried herself to sleep.

I watched her. It was strangely relaxing. Every flicker of emotion across her face caused my brain to leap in to a confusing twist of ...well, confusion. I wanted to protect her, and I wanted her, but I was determined to do everything right. She was mine now. No one was ever taking her away, unless she wanted it. And maybe even then I would have a problem.

I was determined to start slowly, unlike last time, so that everything would be good. Even if it meant trying desperately to resist touching her, kisssing that smooth, soft skin, sliding my fingers in to...I shook myself mentally. Slowly. That was the way to do this. Tomorrow, I would take her on a date to a cafe. We would have drinks, and then she would come back to the other house and we would watch a film or something. And then we would go to bed in seperate rooms. The temptation would be too much if we slept in the same bed.

I stroked her face as I considered the plan. It seemed pretty perfect, and innocent. Annie's eyes fluttered open. Apart from she couldn't see. Oh...there goes the film idea.

"Hey." I whispered. "You fancy italian? My treat."

The End

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