Annie: No need to callMature

When Rosalita went to the bathroom I got out my phone. I think I was staring at it but I'm not so sure. Suddenly it rang causing me to jump.

"Hello?" I say answering.

"Annie, thank god you are alright. Where are you?" Jakes voice says. I freeze and slowly swallow nervously.

"At Rosalita's old apartment" I mutter.

"Oh.... Is she there as well?" Jake asks.

"Well, I can't see Jake so of corse she's here" I mutter. How the hell do I tell him? God..... what did I do?

"......Well, I could come and help you. Surely she can't cope with both Lilianna and you" He says calmly.... a little too calmly.

"I don't want you too Jake" I whisper. Silence desends and I slowly count the secounds in my head. Its a minute before Jake speaks.

"You're breaking up with me aren't you?" He says simply.

"I....." What do you say in this situation? I know I should be honest but... It hurts to tell him the truth even when I haven't actually told him yet.

"Okay, I get it.... You have my number if anything goes wrong. I can come back if you want me any day" With those words he hangs up and the phone slips from my fingers hitting the carpet with a thud.

"Annie.... Oh Annie" Rosalita's arms close around me and I begin to cry rocking back and forth.

"He was even desent enough to say that if something went wrong he'd take me back" I cry. Rosalita stays silent but kisses my forehead.

"Nothing will go wrong..... we have to do this right"

The End

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