Rosalita:Oh, so now I have morals!Mature

Some part of my brain was telling me this was wrong. But the other part had its attitude on and was refusing to listen as it pushed for more touching and kissing. I felt Annie’s body responding underneath me and it made me want to continue, but I knew I had to stop. It wasn’t right.  I pulled away gasping.

“Annie, please listen before you do something...”

“...What? Something I’ll regret? I could never regret you.” She felt her way towards me and tried to blindly crush her lips to mine again. I held her face away.

“Annie, please think about it. I’m different now. I don’t look the same. I’ve changed inside as well. I’m finding myself. Do you really want me, or is it the old me you want?”

“Rosa,” her face was squished in my hands and I felt her desperate urge to kiss her pursed lips, but didn’t dare until I’d heard her answer. “I want you. No matter what you look like, you’ll always be Rosa. My Rosalita.” I met her pursed, searching lips with mine, allowing the heat that had begun to build in my lips, stomach and between my legs to flow through my body. Annie felt my passion and responded. Her fingers worked their way on to my head, and then she paused. “I’m going to miss grabbing on to your hair,” she giggled.

“I can think of other things you can grab on to,” I whispered in to her ear as I pulled her on top of me. She automatically straddled me. I sighed as her tongue slipped in to my mouth and felt her hands slipping under my t-shirt to touch my breasts through my bra. I’ve missed you. Should I say it out loud? It would be rather difficult with her tongue in my mouth, but it felt right. I pushed her gently away.

“No arguments” she muttered. I laughed.

“No. No arguments. Just...I’ve missed you Annie.”

“I’ve missed you too.” She leaned forward and kissed me again, then began trying to get my top off. But a niggling in the back of my mind made my hands stop hers.

“Annie, would you mind if we didn’t...not yet anyway. I want to see how long this can go without sex. And I’d feel a lot more comfortable if you broke it off with your fiancée before we continue kissing.”

She pouted at the first part, but nodded at the second. Then she sighed.

“I suppose you’re right. But, I’m kind of scared Rosa. Not of him, but of what will happen. I don’t want to upset him. He’s a good man.”

“Really? He pisses me off.”


“Well, he was very possessive. And Lilianna likes him better than me. And I was jealous I suppose.”


“Well yeah.” I blushed and I could tell she knew. She grinned. “Shut up.”

“Shut me up.” I kissed her and slipped y tongue in to her mouth. Her reaction was immediate. She began running her fingers over me. I shuddered with joy and the urge to take her in to the bedroom and fuck her until kingdom come. But I stopped her.

“Fiancée, dating, kissing, then sex. Be fair Annie.” She grumbled but slid of my legs. But because she couldn’t see anything, she fell on to the floor again. The look on her face made me burst out laughing. She joined in and I helped her up. Still laughing I hugged her. “Come on Annie. You have to talk to Jake.”

The End

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