Maxxie: grumpy pantsMature

Hello there, sex drive. Not seen you much the last few days. I wonder if you'll be sticking around. I doubt it, once I sober up.

I practically fall off Hadley, exhausted, and still too drunk to bother moving from the floor. He decides to use me as a pillow and I put one arm around him, still breathing hard.

"That was fucking hot," I hear Caleb breathlessly saying above us. Oh yeah... kinda forgot he was there. S'pose that's one way to make Hadley's first time special... I laugh just as breathlessly. "I thought I said don't give it to him too hard?" he chuckles.

"I didn't," I giggle slightly.

"Dude, he was out of breath halfway through."

"Poor Bunny," I mumble, stroking his hair with a smile. Bunny smiles, too.

"When did I become Bunny?"

"When you weren't a happy Bunny earlier." He just chuckles and snuggles up to me. This floor isn't so comfy.

"Bed," I mumble, making a half assed attempt at moving.


"S'comfy." He hums and shifts a little bit. I look around. The sofa bed's right there. We can manage that, right? I sit up and, holding Bunny against me, haul us both over to it. I get comfy and he snuggles up to me again. Smiling, I put my back arm over him. Caleb kind of whines and I look up. Dude, I just wanna cuddle with my boyfriend and go to sleep.

"Caaayyyyllleeeeeeb," I slur his name and grin, "get my duvet. Pwetty pwease."

"I'm cold too, dickwad," he pouts and I give him my puppy eyes.

"There's a spare somewhere... you prolly used that in your fort though," I giggle. He goes off and gets the duvet. And wraps it around himself. What a ginger. "C'mon, Caleb, I paid for your trip to Mexico," I put on this pleading tone, trying not to slur anymore. I fail, but I'm not sure it matters.

"Make some room for me then, fat ass." I groan inwardly and shuffle up slightly. He flops onto the sofa bed with us and I pull some of the duvet over me and Bunny, getting all cosy between the two of them. Bunny kind of smiles, but I'm too tired to really pay attention to anything anymore. I just kiss his forehead tiredly and pretty much pass out like that.


When I finally wake up, it's to the sound of Caleb saying "he's too old, he can't handle his booze". Nice. I half open my eyes and groan at the light streaming in through the windows.

"Wow, so cheerful," Bunny comments and I snuggle back up to him.

"Eww, don't be all cute," Caleb says, kind of prodding me, but I just pull the duvet further over me and close my eyes. "Jeez, anyone'd think you didn't get laid last night."

"I want waffles," I mumble to no one in particular. Caleb sighs and gets up.

"Get waffles then," Bunny says. I just hum. I'm not hung over; I didn't drink enough for that. I'm just tired. Oh, and sex makes me go all girly and huggy. That's gonna be something for Bunny to get used to.

"In case you didn't notice, Bunny's made of person. You might have to move if you want waffles."

"Someone got out of the wrong side of bed today," I mutter with a half smile. Look out people, we have a grumpy, hormonal ginger in the vicinity.

"Shut it, old man," he gives me a look that says he is not amused. So what do I do? I giggle. I can't even be bothered to protest. Bunny pecks me on the lips.

"We could go to iHop," he suggests and I nod. I don't much feel like moving, but I feel even less like cooking. So the iHop it is. When neither of us move, Caleb rolls his eyes.

"Move it."

"Alright, alright, grumpy pants," I yawn and sit up, "what's got your knickers in a twist?" he pouts at me.

"I want sex."

"That's why I'm sending you to Mexico."

"Yeah but that's not for another two days," he whines and I try not to roll my eyes.

"Buy yourself a whore then, or go clubbing."

"Buy myself a whore? I barely have money for a sandwich." I chuckle slightly.

"I don't recall getting my debit card back," I say, pulling myself up off the bed.

"It's in the fort somewhere."

"Well, there you go then," I mutter, picking up my boxers and putting them on so I can go look for some clean clothes, "you have access to my entire savings. I think you can afford a whore."


The End

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