Hadley: BunnyMature

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that my head fucking hurt. And that my vodka was gone. The undeniably drunk Caleb noises coming from the other room said enough about where it’d gotten to. I stumbled into the living room and saw a very drunk Caleb sat on a very drunk Maxxie’s lap.

"Bunny!" Caleb shouted, slurring a little.

Maxxie grinned at me and I must’ve looked kind of confused because I definitely felt it. Since when was I “bunny”? Maxxie reached out for me and I, still kind of confused and still a little bit drunk, grabbed Caleb’s waist. Maxxie slapped Caleb’s hands away.

"My Bunny” he said.

Drunk me decided it might be smart to hug Caleb. So I did. Maxxie whined and Caleb poked his tongue out at him. Maxxie pulled that sad face of his and Caleb ignored it, turning back to me. Maxxie tried to sit up and I maybe kinda sort of started making out with Caleb. Maxxie tried to push Caleb off him but Caleb just swatted him off. Maxxie sniffled and Caleb pulled away for a second.

"Nuh uh,    my     bunny"

"Thought you were with Lex" Maxxie said, sounding upset.

"Old Man isn't here"

"   I     am, though"

"Yes you are" he said, and went back to making out with me. Drunk Caleb kisses like shit. Too much tongue.

Maxxie just lay there. When we didn’t show any sign of stopping any time in the foreseeable future, Maxxie pushed both of us off and got up to leave.

"Get your ass back here" I slurred a little bit.

He ignored me and started looking for his wallet, most likely. I tried to walk over to him but somehow ended up on my ass, giggling like a maniac. He glanced over at me and then went straight back to looking. I shuffled over and hugged his leg, wrapping my legs around his ankle. He tried to move away but tripped and fell over the nineteen year old clinging to him. I giggled and he just groaned.

Caleb laughed. "He fell"

He tried to get up but I wouldn’t let him. He sniffled again and I sat on him. He tried to get me off him but I shook my head. "Nuh uh"

The poor guy looked like he was nearly in tears. I kissed him and he sort of kissed back. No matter how drunk you are that’s always a bad sign.

Caleb giggled. "Rejected"

Maxxie glanced over, confused.

"That's not how you kiss your boyfriend, silly"

Maxxie kissed me properly and Caleb giggled. I grinned when he started making out with me but then he just went back to lying there. At least make an effort, Maxxie

"Oh Maxxieeeeeee" Caleb said sweetly. Why did I get the feeling something evil was gonna come out of that mouth?

Maxxie looked over and Caleb giggled again.

"Bunny wants you in his pants so bad right now"

Maxxie looked back at me but I didn’t see the look on his face. I was too busy glaring at Caleb. Sure it was true but I didn’t need him just announcing it like that. Maxxie started kissing me again and I kissed back, doing my best to ignore Caleb’s giggling. He kissed harder and rested his hands on my hips. Caleb stopped laughing at that and shuffled over. Maxxie didn’t really notice and I started kissing along his jaw. He reached up and slipped off my t-shirt. I pulled off his shirt while Caleb was busy trying to pull off his jeans. Maxxie moved his hands back down; one to my hip and the other in my crotch. Caleb moaned and I bit my lip slightly. Maxxie kept kissing me and started palming me a bit. I kissed back for a while then shuffled back a bit with a grin. He frowned and followed but I pushed him back down and worked on getting my jeans undone. He giggled and fumbled with his own jeans. Caleb, however, was sat there in just his boxers. Typical.

I sat on Maxxie again and he beckoned Caleb over, pushing a hand into my boxers. I bit my lip again and Caleb shuffled over. Maxxie pulled Caleb’s boxers down and started giving him a hand job, still kissing me. Caleb moaned. I kissed back and tugged on Maxxie’s hair. You’re supposed to be paying attention to me, buddy.

He kissed harder. I started kissing down his neck and he tilted his head, going back to palming me. I kissed down his chest and Caleb moaned some more. Maxxie stopped palming me and used that hand to hold himself up. He moved Caleb closer and went down on him. Being the polite guy that I am, I kissed Maxxie’s stomach and waited for him to finish up with Caleb.

Apparently he got bored of blowing Caleb and went back to me. Caleb moaned in annoyance and Maxxie giggled, managing to get his jeans off. Caleb rolled his eyes and started jacking off again. I pecked Maxxie on the lips and he turned it into a full on make out session. And then before I knew it he’d pulled my boxers down. Caleb moaned and I bit my lip again.

"I love you" Maxxie mumbled in my ear, kissing down my neck.

I shivered, partly from the contact and partly from being quite so naked. "I love you too"

He kissed down my torso and all the way down to my groin. I shivered again as he went down on me. I bit my lip but Caleb did more than enough moaning for the both of us. Remember how I said I get a lot more willing when I’m drunk? Well this just seemed like time wasting. Maxxie kept on going and I kept biting my lip.

He came back up and kissed me. "You alright there?" he slurred and giggled.

I kissed him back and sort of growled "Fuck me"

With a smile, he pulled off his own boxers and fucked me right there. Right there on the floor. Right there on the floor in front of Caleb.

See, Maxxie? I told you booze would help.

The End

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