Cayden: Work On Something ElseMature

Maxxie came and sat on the bed and I hugged him. He hugged back, still as quiet as before.

"What's bugging you?" I asked eventually.

"You mean apart from John, right?"


"Not much, really"

I waited.

"Your reaction to it, I guess"


"You didn't question any of it or anything... I was expecting... well, I dunno what I was expecting"

"It's bugging you that I believed you?" I ask, knowing I looked as confused as I was.

"I didn't expect you to believe me so easily" he shrugged.

"Makes it sound like you're lying"

He laughed weakly. "I wish I was"

I hugged him again and he hugged back. I wasn’t entirely sure what to say. Maxxie pulled his knees up and sat back.

Sorry. I feel like I shouldn't have unloaded on you" he mumbled.

I shrugged and said with a smile "Someone's gotta do it"

"Isn't it s'posed to be some kinda professional that listens to shit like this?" he smiled slightly.

"Yeah but they're busy dealing with me"

He smiled. "Poor Cayden. You can't help being skeleton boy"

"Finally    someone     gets it"

"I would have nagged you sooner than this if I thought you were anorexic"

I chuckled.

"When d'you think they'll let you out?"

"No idea"


I shrugged. "They don't seem to believe me about not being anorexic so I guess whenever I put some weight on"

He smiled slightly. "Well I think anyone is capable of putting on a few pounds if all they do is sleep and write in a diary all day. Even you, skeleton boy"

"They want a stomach on me"

"Have mine"

"Dude, I said a    stomach    "

He laughed slightly. "I know. You can still have mine"

"That's not a stomach, that's a small child"

He huffed and I laughed.


"You love it"

He scowled and I pouted. He prodded me.


"There's no point pouting at me. It's lost its effect on me"


"Between the two of you" he smiled slightly.

"I'll just have to work on something else then"


"Where's the fun in telling you?"

"I never was a fan of surprises"

I grinned, chuckling slightly at his suspicious look.

"Why do I get the feeling I probably don't wanna know?

"Because you secretly want it to be a surprise"

He huffed again. I chuckled and pecked him on the lips.

"Told you so" I said as his eyes widened slightly.

"Cay" he whined.


"Aren't you s'posed to like, not kiss your ex?"

"Aren't you s'posed to like, not run off with his brother?" I mimicked him, grinning slightly.

"In all fairness, he said he liked me first"


He frowned and I pecked him on the lips again. "Smile"

He smiled half heartedly.

"C'mon, man" I will fucking kiss you if I have to.

"Sorry" he said, getting up, "I should get going. Left Caleb with my debit card - I'm probably bankrupt by now"

I bit my lip. Was he leaving because of me?

"M'sorry. I'll see you tomorrow"

I sighed slightly. "Okay"

He left and I sighed again. Might as well go back to sleep then…

The End

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