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I sleep surprisingly well, considering. I suppose exhaustion just caught up with me. But I'm not complaining - it meant I didn't have to endure any dreams or anything. I'm stiff, though. Apparently I didn't move an inch from where I fell asleep.

Groaning I roll over onto my back and stretch. I open my eyes and look over at Caleb's fort thing to see him lying half in and half out of it.

"What time is it?"

"Time you got a watch," he says, kinda shrugging. I could say the same about you, ginger. I just sigh and close my eyes again.

"What did you want Hadley for?"


"Before you went to sleep. You told me to go wake him up."

"Oh... I don't remember." I frown, trying to remember but... nope. Nothing.

"Either way, bunny wasn't happy about being woken up." Oops. I let out another kind of groan, hoping he didn't fuck off somewhere and pass out.

"I'll bet. You shouldn't listen to me when I'm sleep deprived."

"Could've warned me."

"Sorry," I mutter.

"Bunny gave me a dead arm." I smile slightly. He frowns and disappears inside his fort and I sigh, wondering if I should have just stayed asleep. After a while of us staying like that I sit up and wander off to have a shower, hoping that it'll somehow stop me looking so rough. I even brave the mirror to shave.

It doesn't help much - I still have bags under my eyes and I still look like I'm only awake because I've had too much coffee. But I guess it's an improvement. Kind of.

"Did you book a trip to Mexico?" I ask as I make myself some toast, glaring at the toaster impatiently.

"Nope." I roll my eyes.

"Are you going to?"

"Eventually, if someone tells me where in Mexico." You mean you didn't ask Alex? Stupid boy. I pick up my phone and dial Alex's number, throwing it in the fort before returning to my toast. He pokes his head out of the fort and looks at me through the kitchen door.  "Ow."

"Don't password protect your fort then," I mutter, earning myself grumbling from him. I ignore the grumbling and pull my toast out of the toaster.

"Hello?" I hear the phone saying as I lean back on the counter and nibble at my toast.

"Guess who," Caleb says. I put my toast between my teeth and find the card for my savings account. I hand it to Caleb.

"Get your ass to Mexico. I'm going out."

"Say hi to bunny if you see him."

"I wouldn't not say hi to my own boyfriend," I smile slightly, shoving my wallet back in my pocket, "see ya later."

"Later, dude," he says as I leave. I force myself to focus on my dry toast as I walk outside, using it as a distraction from the people walking around. I get in the car and lock the doors and stick on a random CD, planning to go see Cayden again, and then pick up our stuff from the motel.

At least, that's the plan all the way up til I get half way through town on the way to the hospital and see Hadley sat at a table outside a cafe with a frown. I pull up outside and roll down the window.

"Hey, frowny face. You alright there?" he looks at me, kinda pissed off.

"I'm lost and I'm tired... I'm just peachy, thanks."

"I can give you a lift to somewhere you know, if you want. I've still got that room at the motel?" I suggest calmly.

"You're leaving Caleb alone?"

"When I left, he was on the phone to Alex and had my debit card. I think he'll be just fine, but I can take you back to mine if you'd rather," I shrug. He shrugs too and I hold back a sigh. "It's that or you come visit Cayden with me," I smile weakly.

"Sounds like a con to get me checked out," he says suspiciously and I shake my head. In all honesty, I hadn't even thought about using a visit to his brother as a way to get him checked out.

"No... they kept Cayden in ‘cause they think he's got anorexia. He doesn't get any other visitors." He shrugs again and I find myself getting a teensy bit irritated by it. "It was just a suggestion. I can leave you here if you prefer."

"It's up to you." Why's it up to me? It's your fucking choice, Hadley. I lean over and open the passenger door. He gets in and I turn the car around, heading back for my apartment. Maybe I shouldn't leave a hyper eighteen year old alone with my debit card. He says nothing to me and I bite my lip, glancing at him a little anxiously, wondering if I've done something wrong. 


The End

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