Maxxie: SleepMature

I guess I felt a bit better for having told someone. It didn't help me sleep though. Talking about it had brought it all forward and I just kind of lie there with my eyes closed, curled up against Cayden. I'm tired - certainly tired enough to sleep on the floor or on Cayden's bed despite everything - but then again, I was tired last night too. And that didn't really help me sleep then, either.

I s'pose the ungodly amount of caffeine in my system isn't helping. You know I said it wasn't working? It fucking is. So I just stay there, dozing again for a couple of hours. It's not sleep, but it's better than nothing, I guess.

After a while, I get a gentle nudge from Cayden and I moan.

"Wake up, sleepy."


"Visiting hours are over. Til later, anyway." I groan quietly and shift slightly, not really wanting to move. If visiting hours are over, that means leaving the hospital. Which I can't say I really want to do.

"They can fuck off with their visiting hours."

"They'll call security on you." I rub my eyes and push myself up. I feel as tired as I did before, and I'm fairly sure I look it too. Cayden flashes me a concerned look and I don't need a mirror to know I'm right about looking like shit. "Well, I'll try and come back later, since I seem to be your only visitor," I smile slightly, "if I don't pass out on the sofa bed."

"I won't get my hopes up then."

"Mmm. Sorry," I mutter sliding off the bed. My legs don't seem to want to work properly.

"It's okay. They'll probably drug me up anyway," he says as I somehow manage to stand up without using something to hold myself up with.

"Don't poke your chest too much. I might have to wake up and come back to nag you if you do," I smile slightly and he gives a little laugh.

"That might just make me poke it."

"Then I'll be back, won't I," I match his small laugh.

He smiles, "Get going before bitchy nurse comes back."

"Yeah. See you later," I mumble, returning the smile before leaving. Now... how the fuck do I get out of here without dying on the way?


When I get back, I instantly wonder if leaving my apartment in the hands of a couple of teenagers was a good plan. I brace myself and walk in, expecting to find it a mess.

I'm met with the sight of what appears to be some kind of fort thing that takes up a good third of my living room made up of probably most of what I own, to be honest. I groan inwardly at the thought of clearing it away and do my best to ignore it, crawling onto the sofa bed to sleep.

"Maxxie, look what I built!" Caleb cries, bursting out, all excited. Oh, not missing Alex that much, then, ginger. I just lie there, still trying to go into denial about the huge mess of sheets  propped up by my arm chairs. "Maxxie, look!"

"I saw. I couldn't really miss it," I mutter, not opening my eyes to look at the thing.

"You're no fun."

"I thought you were supposed to be moping, not destroying my apartment?"

"I'm keeping myself occupied," he tells me, flopping down on the bed beside me.

"Well, like I said, if you can get away, I'll be happy to pay for you to go there and see him."

"You sound like you want me gone."

"No," I smile, opening my eyes and turning my head to look at him, "I just remember what it's like." At that, he jumps up off the sofa and points at his fort.

"Loooook!" Oh, God. I push myself up so I'm leaning on the back of the sofa, looking right at it. "Don't you just want one?"

"Well... I have one right there," I nod at it, laughing slightly. He dashes into it and I hear a muffled "Nuh uh, not unless you know the password" from inside and smile to myself, sliding back down to roll onto my side.

"I'll think about it," I say through a yawn.

"Ugh, you're boring." I'll let that one go. I'm more interested in going to sleep in this very comfy position I just found. "Maxxieeee," he whines. He bounds over and prods me, but all he's getting out of me is a groan. Sorry to be boring, ginger, but I need to sleep. Like, now. "Maxxieeeee." I crack open one eye to scowl at him.

"I'm bored," he pouts. I point vaguely in the direction in the laptop.

"Laptop's over there. Book a ticket to Mexico, or something."

"Doesn't stop me being bored."

"Then watch some porn or something. I don't care; I need to sleep." He sighs and I close my eye again. "Sorry. I'll entertain you later."

"What is it with people and sleep?"

"I haven't slept in about two days, have a bit of mercy. Go wake Hadley up."


"I'm good at worrying about people - I'm bad at sleeping while I'm worrying." He heaves another sigh and goes to wake Hadley up. In between him getting up and him getting to my bedroom, I fall asleep. Finally. 


The End

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