Cayden: Diary?Mature

"It won't, you're just being dramatic" I said, poking one of my ribs for emphasis. Oh so that was the one with two plates in it. Cool.

He just shrugged. Wow, epic conversation there.

I sat there, kind of quiet for a while. Is it bad that I wanted to know what happened between him and John? I mean, maybe that’s why John hasn’t shown up lately. "They wanted to put me on a chest drain"

"What for?"

"Something about "suspicious build up in your lung""

"Your family sure attracts a lot of medical drama"

"Yeah..." I chuckled and he smiled slightly.

"Anything else I should be warned about before I consider leaving this place?"

"Mom whenever she finds out about you and Hadley"

"Guess I should go ask Alex for tips on dealing with pissed off mothers," he laughed weakly. She won’t be pissed off, she’ll be disappointed. Disappointed in you, my fine English fellow, for corrupting her baby boy.

"What's the latest on him and Caleb?"

"He got slapped by Caleb's mum and yelled at, but he came back looking pretty pleased with himself, so I guess he won her over. I dunno if he's asked Caleb out yet, or if he's waiting til he gets back" he shrugged again.

"Reckon it'll last?"

"Well Alex must think so... he's changing his entire career for him"

I was quiet again for a while.

"You okay?" Maxxie asked eventually.

"Yeah, just... You said you ran into John, right?"

He frowned slightly. "Mmm"

"Well...what actually happened?"

"He... was trying to get Hadley to come home and while I was out, he pretty much kidnapped him. We argued. It wasn't very much fun"

I guess I must’ve looked kind of confused because he arched an eyebrow at me. And if I didn’t look it, I sure as fuck felt it. "I don't get it"

He gave me a questioning look.

"Maybe the morphine's slowing down my brain or something. He kidnapped him?"

"Well he waited til Hads was alone, probably even waited til he was too dizzy to do anything about it and then took him back to his place. Hadley didn't want to be there. It was pretty much kidnap"

"And you guys just shouted at each other til he let Hadley go?"

"Mmm" he said, looking back at the ceiling.

"Doesn't sound like John"

"Well you know him better than I do"

"Shouting doesn't have an effect on him. He's got a two year old, remember?"

"   My     shouting had an effect on him"

I still had that confused look on my face and he still kept staring at the ceiling.



"What actually happened?"

He shut his eyes. "What I said happened. Why?"

"Because your acting's gotten terrible"

"So I've heard"

"I meant your acting right now"

"I'm not acting, what're you on about?"

"I can just tell"

He smiled weakly.

"Maxxie, what happened?"

"I don't really want to talk about it"

Okay, I’ve never been a fan of guilt trips but they tend to work most of the time. "Six plates, Max. Six plates over four ribs and they're keeping me in for suspected anorexia"

"Yeah, well that's your own fault"

"I suppose I walked into Alex's fist, did I?"

"You could have at least broken up with me    before     fucking John's brains out. You'd have avoided all this if you did"

"Define    all this    "

"Alex wouldn't have felt the need to go all protective and beat the shit out of you"

"And? There's something else you're not saying"

"And you wouldn't have ended up staying in a place that freaks you out because you're so skinny"

I sighed. Stop dodging the answer, Maxxie. "Aaand?"

"And I don't know what else you're expecting me to say"

I sighed again. Maxxie was just silent. I ran a hand through my hair and looked over at him. He looked kind of tired but there was something in his eyes that said he wouldn’t sleep now. I opened my mouth to say something but fucking anorexic doctor from earlier strolled over.

"Hi again, Cayden" he said cheerfully.

I just grumbled in response.

Maxxie got up. "I need a drink"

Doc gave us a kind of apologetic look. "I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?"

Maxxie shook his head and walked off.

"He seems nice. Was that this John you've been telling the nurses about?" Doc asked and I had to fight back a laugh as Maxxie carried on walking away. “Anyway, I just came down to let you know we’ve got a room all set up for you, we just need your other doctor to say it’s okay to move you”

“Yay” I said sarcastically. I don’t think the guy picked up on it.

“Anyway, I have a present for you” he said and handed me a notebook, “We want you to keep a food diary. And we’ve found in a number of patients, mixing it with an actual diary can sometimes determine the cause of the problem. Which you may or may not have” he rushed on at the end.

Great, now I’m “anorexic” and a girl.

The End

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